August 23, 2017

Guests Prayer Requests Week of August 20, 2017

Help to get home to Alabama. A job for me and my fiance and a place to live. Also for the pain in my right hand. Also for Michelle who has cancer. The Dammann Family who just lost their mother and grandmother. My family and grand-kids that they may get things for school. Pray for friends and family of my friend Jerry who recently died. Pray for Carol who wants to do better in life. Patti asks help from the Lord to be the best she can be for the Lord. Pray for Elizabeth who has cancer. Pray for a good outcome for my hip surgery. The strength to leave behind those with a bad influence on me. For a place to live. For my relationship with a friend. World peace. Forgive me of my sins Jesus. A special prayer for my sons. Prayer for Karen who is having a medical test. Have mercy father. Prayer for my finances. For Tony and his daughter to be reconciled and have a relationship again. Prayer for my Grandmother Betty who is currently in hospice. May we look like Jehovah. Pray to loose weight and keep it off. To find a husband and […]
August 16, 2017

Guests Prayer Requests Week of August 7th, 2017

Thank you, God, for my new room A job for me and my fiancé and a place to live. I need healing for my knees and back. I am having hip surgery on the 23. God look over me. For an emergency displaced homeless shelter. Assistance and help. For Judy, Michael and Michael going to detox. Prayer for unsaved children and grandchildren. For Frank, also unsaved. For my health. A job. Strength, courage and good health. Better stability and home environment. For all the people using spice. I pray that they turn to Jesus instead. For Yaz, Sharon, Jason and Jessia.
August 9, 2017

Guests Prayer Requests Week of July 31, 2017

Maureen spinal cord surgery.  Stenosis and causing problems with legs, walking terrible pain. I tryst God to heal me but I am a bit afraid. Donald needs temporary assistance. Prayers for Amanda, Breanna, Savannah, Maryann and Greg. Joe needs prayers his arm. My dog Escobar to be reunited with us. Friends who don’t know Jesus, and prayer for everyone in the life change program and Grace Donald, prayer for energy assistance. Pray for the Deceased
July 20, 2017

Guest Prayer Requests Week of July 17th, 2017

– Pray for my friend Jody. – I need prayer because I am homeless. – Pray for my family, housing and to keep my job no matter what.  To prosper in life and to help others.  – Praying for my new apartment, love, goodness, safety and brains to think of peaceful streams.  – I need prayer for Angela. – For my Family, for the world, peace for everyone to accept Christ.  Forgiveness of my sins and to be free from the ball and chain I have been carrying around.   – Promise of a nation so free and independent as no other nation on earth.   – pray for Angela – I pray for my wife and my mom to get better.   – for Kathy, George, Albert and Charlotte. – for Josh, Linda, and Jen. – For George, Allmano. and Elizabeth – For Autumn, she is in prison and needs deliverance from drugs. – for the struggles I go through every day.  I am asking for a sign that things will get better. – I am so lost and broken.  I am homeless and can’t get out.   – Pray we get back on track with our finances.   […]
July 13, 2017

Prayer Requests Week of July 13, 2017

GUEST PRAYER REQUESTS Week of 07/13/17   – for my neighbor Danny.  He has cancer. I pray he keeps up his strength. – for me and my daughter.  We need strength in every part of our lives.  We need help with a financial problem.  To follow my Father, I need my Father. – for my mom’s cousin.  He has cancer and he is a nice person. – for me and my kids for good luck and a new house soon. – for my sobriety and strength and to maintain sobriety.  For patience to be a better mom. – for Lawrence for a test, and for my heart test.  Finally, for Sara and Bill’s test. – for lots of friends with diabetes for healing.   Pray for my left hip.  I have to have my hip done. – for Jen, Jayden and Sam’s salvation. – for peace, forgiveness for my family.  That they would accept Jesus Christ and realize what He did for us.  For everyone to love each other and the hatred to stop. – for my family and loved ones as well as ones that do not have the Lord in their lives. – for Derek, he had a seizure.  That […]