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Transformation Center


On a Mission to Transform Lives Across Northeast PA


A Caring, Personalized Approach

The Transformation Program is based on 5-Pillars that focus on the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The pillars are Job Readiness, Life Skills, Spiritual Training, Heart & Mind, and Self-Care. The center is a hub for men in Northeast PA who live at the center 24/7, with access to food, clothes, and a structured program with the sole focus to transform their lives and become productive members of society.



As the men work their way through the intensive program, they are partnered with local agencies to connect residents with medical assistance, as well as mental health and drug/alcohol professionals. Partnerships with local area churches and businesses will introduce them to a relationship with Jesus and teach them the necessary skills to get on their feet and into society. We expect each guest that enters our program will spend 7–8 months* with us to learn all the skills to better themselves. 



Services Offered








Helping to Provide Life Transforming Opportunities

Guests who choose to enter our Transformation Program are first connected to a Case Manager and Social Worker. They assist each person in conducting a self-evaluation to identify the areas in their life that need improvement and determine how our services can be of most use. 


We want each guest to know they are in a safe environment where they can open up, experience grace, and begin to prepare for their journey towards life transformation. One of the most important jobs of our staff is to build relationships with our guests to create an atmosphere of support and love.


Five Pillars of Transformation

Heart & Mind

The purpose of this pillar is all about changing the way the residents think. The Genesis Process is an evidence-based program that has shown an eighty-two (82) percent success rate across the nation. The Genesis Process helps identify how faith can be implemented to control the limbic system (fight or flight).

Job Readiness

The purpose of this pillar is to prepare the residents for a trade or craft and to find their calling. This will be done through partnerships we have with contractors across Northeastern PA that are willing to donate their time and resources to teach. The residents then will work with the businesses, learn on the job, and soon gain a skill that will last them the rest of their lives.

Spiritual Training

The purpose of this pillar is to introduce our residents to Jesus and invite them into a relationship with Him, and to integrate each resident into fellowship with a local home church. The Spiritual Training pillar is central to the transformation process. Understanding that our value is rooted in the love of our Creator can provide the motivation and encouragement needed to succeed in the program.

Life Skill Training

The purpose of this pillar is to build a foundation in understanding the basic skills needed to survive in the world. They gain an understanding of basic knowledge of taking care of themselves, communication, and socialization.


The purpose of this pillar is to connect our guests with medical and obtain their identification. Keystone Mission will be partnering with community agencies to get the residents connected with health, mental health, and drug/alcohol professionals. This even includes obtaining government IDs (SSA, birth certificate, and driver’s license). Our goal is to see them free from their addiction and receive the proper care on their transformation journey.

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