Volunteers are crucial to aiding the mission of transforming lives spiritually, mentally, and physically.

Your Mission as Volunteers

The Volunteer Program’s mission statement is to be the hands and feet of Jesus by helping the staff at Keystone Mission to provide life-transforming opportunities.


We believe that volunteers are the “BACKBONE” of our organization because your partnership is essential on the frontlines with the men and women we serve daily. Our pursuit at Keystone Mission is to transform lives and build community through the hope of the gospel. The organization carries out the mission and rebuilds hope with the help of our volunteers.

Volunteer Types

Keystone Mission provides a variety of volunteer opportuntieis throughout Scranton and Wilkes-Barre. Our short-term opportunities include assisting in the seasonal Emergency Shelter-Code Blue, Community Service, Court Order “Community Service”, and seasonal/group volunteer. Our on-going opportunities include help with the Innovation Center for Homeless & Poverty, Agape Mobile Outreach, Message and a Meal, and the upcoming Transformation Center. 


Whether we get to know you for a season of a lifetime, we want to create an impact with you, because every interaction with our guests/residents is a chance to show love.

Regular Volunteer

This individual is fully engaged with the mission of the organization and is working on the frontlines with staff in one of the five program areas or administrative offices on a consistent basis.


Please use the Volunteer Application to apply opportunities at the organization. See below. 

Court-Ordered "Community Service" Volunteer

This individual is ordered by a court of law to give their time in a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization to fulfil a number of hours. The individual will be required to fill-out all necessary documents: Application, Background Check Agreement, Confidentiality Agreement, Mission Statement & Statement of Faith, and Emergency Contact Form. It is important the individual knows the process and that as an organization, we will help fulfil their court-order requirements.


*NOTE: Please allow one to two weeks to process the Background check with the State of PA before you can start your community service with our organization. In some cases, it may take longer to get a background check completed by the state.


Please use the Court Order Application to apply for community service opportunities at the organization. See below. 

Community Service

This individual may be seeking to serve in the organization to fulfil a requirement for school or social function. The individual will be required to complete a portion of information based on age. See below for details:


Middle School & High School Age:

• Application

• Emergency Contact

• Minor Waiver

• Mission Statement & Statement of Faith


College or older:

• Application

• Background Check Agreement

• Emergency Contact

• Confidentiality Agreement

• Mission Statement & Statement of Faith


Please use the Volunteer Application to apply opportunities at the organization. See below. 

Seasonal/Group Volunteers

These types of volunteers may come in to help with a project sporadically during the year. The group or seasonal volunteers will only need to complete a portion of the application: Application, Emergency Contact, and Mission Statement & Statement of Faith. Background check is not necessary because of the nature of their work and limited interaction with guests/residents.


Please use the Volunteer Application to apply opportunities at the organization. See below. 

Build a Community of Hope with us

Volunteer opportunities in Programs at the organization

Emergency Shelter-Code Blue (Seasonal)

The goal of this program is to provide direct relief from the brutal cold winters of NEPA. Folks are given a warm place to sleep, where they may have access to showers. Here, relationships are built with guests. This program is available in Scranton and Wilkes-Barre from November to March.  



• Check-in guests

• Build relationship with guests

• Stay overnight in the facilities to monitor the guests

Agape Mobile Outreach

The point of this program is to hit the streets, build relationships and provide real-time critical intervention. From there, access is provided for guests to obtain government IDs, they are introduced to weekend meals in Scranton or Wilkes-Barre, and they are directed to additional support. 



• Travel with the team to provide real-time critical intervention

• Build relationships with men and women on the streets

• Assist in obtaining photo IDs, clothing, and food

Message and a Meal

This program is centered on providing meals and building relationships with the guests from the streets of Scranton and Wilkes-Barre. This program is used as a catalyst to bring guests into further care of Keystone Mission. 



• Provide a cooked or prepared meal

• Stay and serve the meal, pray, and build relationships with guests

Innovation Center for Homeless & Poverty

Formerly known as the Day Center, this program is essentially an educational and hands-on training facility for guests. Breakfast and lunch are also available to guests. The Innovation Center will include vocational therapy, housing, agency collaboration, life skills training, job readiness training, spiritual training, and basic relief.  



• Breakfast and lunch meal providers 

• Small Group Leaders will assist in directing guests through spiritual or communication groups. 

• Brothers/Sisters of Christ will act as mentors that will partner with guests to build relationships and motivate them to better themselves. 

• Cleaning and Fixing Crews will help teach guests life skills. 

• Volunteer Therapy Leads will assist in directing guests to clean and give back to the community in turn which will motivate them to complete tasks and gain a work ethic. 

Transformation Center

This is a 15-bed facility available to men across NEPA. The new center is built on a 5-Pillar program structure that will holistically transform lives and build back hurting individuals into contributing members of society.  


*No available opportunities at this time.

How to Get Started!

This process is specific to REGULAR volunteers. All other volunteer types will fill out the application and note their type on the application. Court Order “community service” will select the court order application and submit their information. 

Our Process:

Click VOLUNTEER from the menu and fill out a volunteer application. 


Within 48 hours, we will contact you by phone to let you know your application was received and schedule your shadow day. A shadow day is when you visit our facility and the department of your choice to see how it works and decide if this is the best fit for you. This will give you a sense of what we do and allow us to answer any of your questions.  


What to expect after 48 hours: 

Arrive for the shadow day of your requested department. You will fill out the remaining parts of the application (if you have not brought your forms in already).  At the end of your shadow day, you will debrief with a staff member to talk about your experience and have any questions answered.  


You will be set up on a regular schedule if you choose to become a long-term partner with Keystone Mission and help in holistic transformation. 


It is important for us at Keystone Mission to have a good relationship with our volunteers! 


Have any questions? Call (570) 871–4795 ext. 407 to speak with Judy or email Voluteer@KeystoneMission.org 

Documents & Resources

These documents are required to be completed as a volunteer at the organization. You’ll complete these during your scheduled Shadow Day, or you may download and complete them beforehand.

Background Check Agreement

Confidentiality Agreement

Emergency Contact Form

Media Release

Mission Statement & Statement of Faith

FAQs About Volunteering

How do I start the process of volunteering at Keystone Mission?

Find the volunteer application under VOLUNTEER and begin the process of filling out the needed information as well as where you would like to volunteer. Our staff will be in contact with you in 48 hours to confirm your application has been received.  

What locations are available to serve as a volunteer?

We have opportunities in both Scranton and Wilkes-Barre from Monday through Friday from 8am-4pm with a few select options of weekends in the evenings. Please contact for more information on the weekend opportunities. 

Who should I contact if I want to volunteer or if I have any questions about the process?

Judy Swigart will be your initial contact in the volunteer application process. From there, she will put you in contact with the supervisor of the program area in which you are interested in working.   

Is there a dress code? 

Please refer to the volunteer handbook. Handbook is coming shortly.

Can I complete a court-ordered community service at Keystone Mission? 

Yes, however fill out the court-ordered application under VOLUNTEER. Our staff will contact you after 48 hours to discuss the opportunities available to complete your court ordered community service.  

Can I serve at Keystone Mission if I have a criminal history?

At Keystone Mission, we are in the business of transforming lives through relationships. Our standards are set high for volunteers because of the nature of our work.

Therefore, volunteers who have a past offense (please refer to the volunteer handbook, which is under review) may not initially be allowed to work or volunteer in any of our programs or offices; however, the leadership of our organization will review backgrounds and offenses on a case-by-case scenario.  

Any additional questions regarding criminal history, please contact Ryan Buchanan, Development Director at (570) 871–4795 ext. 400

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