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10 Years & Counting
Betsy's VOlunteer Story


Recalling her time spent employed at the nearby medical school in Scranton, Betsy said that she was expected to help her nursing students with community service projects. That was when she first heard of Keystone Mission.


“We started making bedrolls in the lobby… I still make bedrolls once a month with my church.”


Bedrolls are one of Keystone Mission’s most needed items throughout the year. As guests use them to sleep comfortably throughout the night. These bedrolls – or sleeping bags – are sewn together with heavy materials such as blankets and sheets.


At the time, Betsy became part of a group that prepared hot breakfasts for guests in the Emergency Shelter: Code Blue program. Once she retired, she continued her volunteer work with Keystone Mission, assisting with food and clothing distribution. During her volunteerism, she was asked to lead Bible studies once a week. I bet you can guess what she said.


Today, Betsy leads a Bible study at our Scranton Innovation Center for Homeless & Poverty. Throughout her time in Scranton, Betsy was grateful to see the journey of two guests whose journeys started homeless and are now thriving in the Transformation Center.


Betsy shared the beauty of volunteering has given her a whole new perspective. “There are individuals who wish to rise above their situation.”


“Just from doing the community service with Keystone Mission ten years ago, God has given me a place in retirement where I love being and with the chance to get to know individuals who have given me a whole new perspective.”






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