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A Walk in Our Shoes: Homelessness & Transportation 

Homeless individuals spend most of their time on their feet – walking miles for the necessities of food, hygiene access, jobs, or needed appointments.  

“We see that many individuals who lack the proper resources will choose to walk for miles for what they need or simply go without – this is something we want to avoid,” says Kathy Regan, Operations & Program Director of Wilkes-Barre Innovation Center.  

Access to transportation is synonymous with access to needed services. Access to services like food banks, healthcare facilities and employment agencies is essential to those facing homelessness. Transportation facilitates connections with family, friends, and support networks, reducing isolation and thus improving mental health.  

“In addition to providing access to employment and housing services, access to transportation can empower individuals to move around independently, preserving their sense of dignity and autonomy,” says Lasha Wyman-Klein, Scranton Program Director.  

The first step in promoting the health, dignity, and well-being of those who are homeless is providing them with access to transportation. Resources like bus passes for necessary appointments including doctor visits, job interviews, identification appointments, and more are provided by Keystone Mission’s Innovation Centers for Homeless & Poverty. Our mission is to give the homeless greater possibilities and to stand up for them as we work to get them access to resources as they move towards reintegrating into the community, and function effectively on their own. 

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