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Put into practice:
David's Volunteer Story


avid is a part-time professor at two universities in the Northeast PA region. Since 1998, David has taught in the areas of Philosophy and Business Ethics.

As a professor, David encourages his students to put into practice what they learn. He recalls one day speaking on the topic of volunteerism and thinking to himself he should take his own advice and get involved in a ministry.  


When he found out about the different ministries of Keystone Mission, this was his definition of a perfect application of the principles he teaches in his classes and a big part of his Christian faith. 


Within his first 3 months of volunteering, David handles many jobs that need an extra hand such as setting up breakfast, stocking shelves, and greeting each guest during the check-in process. It’s also the simple tasks such as praying for someone or grabbing them a cup of coffee that means a lot.  


“Volunteering here is good for the soul.”


Through conversations of encouragement with both staff and guests, “we are able to help each other shoulder each other’s burdens,” says David. “When I arrive [at Keystone Mission], it refocuses me and lets me know what is important. It takes my faith from my head to my heart so I can live it out.” 


The point of learning philosophy and theology is to live it out, help people with their problems, and help yourself with your own difficulties. 

“[The guest’s] situations may be different from yours, but they are just as deserving of love and God’s love as anyone else.”

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