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Bev, Scranton Counseling Center

eystone Mission is known as the “broker” among community agencies for the men and women who are experiencing homelessness in NEPA. Our Scranton Innovation Center for Homeless & Poverty connects our guests to resources like case management, counseling, health care, and job and vocational support. Each connection equips our guests with life-transformative help to restore their confidence and self-esteem and in turn increase their chances for independent, sustainable living.  

Keystone Mission is proud to partner with Scranton Counseling Center to help our guests achieve the proper mental health care and rehabilitation placement, if necessary.  


In the past year, Scranton Counseling Center has made connections through Bev, a Certified Recovery Specialist & Certified Peer Specialist. When first placed in the mental health field, she asked that Keystone Mission be one of her first contacts.  


“I see myself in each one of them… when their hand reaches out, I want my hand to reach back and help them!”  


Each week you can find Bev sitting in the Innovation Center, having one-on-one conversations, leading group discussions, and building rapport among the homeless community. She opens the conversation to whatever topic they want that day.  


“Our last conversation was about what their dreams were and how they could begin to fulfill those dreams,” she recalls.  

 Bev considers herself the “warm hand-off” between guests and Scranton Counseling Center as she assists in placing guests in the mental health care they need.  

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