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José's Transformation Story

 José never pictured himself having a family. 


José was cast aside from his family at 21. He decided to leave New York and move to Scranton with big dreams of building a career and starting his own family. He soon realized he didn’t have the right resources to live out that dream.  


Without family and limited money, he was left to alcoholism and homelessness. He was going hungry, scared, and alone.  


“This was the lowest point of my life,” he said. After months of a similar cycle, he said to himself, “I can’t go through this anymore.” 


Along the way, he found several programs through Keystone Mission and utilized other community resources to secure a job and a stable home. The grace of God allowed him to get clean and become a better man.  


He refused to go back. 

The recent increase in costs around the nation has affected many. José noticed his rent increasing and was on the verge of losing his home. He knew the one place he could find hope. Keystone Mission.  

“I didn’t want to backtrack.”  


Immediately, José sat down with our vocational specialist and began the job search process. With several promising leads, José did everything he had to do, making the calls and showing up to the interviews. He worked for months with our vocational specialist, however, due to faults not of his own, offers were rescinded. The circumstances didn’t add up, but José chose to remain hopeful in the Lord. 


Our vocational specialist prayed with him, asking God to open the right door at the right time. After five months, God has opened a door to a local trucking company that will fund his CDL courses, hotels, and food while traveling for them.  


“It’s like family. They help you. For anyone struggling with emotional stress and doesn’t have people to talk to…this is the place. They have the best staff ever.” 


Looking forward to the next season.

José can’t wait to begin traveling the country.  He eagerly expressed that he would come back to visit in between his travels to visit his Keystone Mission family. 

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