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Cori's Transformation Story

Cori was sleeping in his car in a Walmart parking lot when he heard about Keystone Mission. He had been nomadic throughout the states for the last year but ended up in Pennsylvania when he landed a job offer. 


“I had a plan from the moment I got here to find a place to live.” However, Cori’s plan took longer than anticipated. The jobs he found were not enough to sustain him to pay for an apartment. He decided it was time to ask for help.  


“If you don’t ask for help you won’t get it. If you don’t do the means to get the help, you won’t get it.” 

Our Housing Specialist, Lindsey, connected with him to fill out a housing application. Once he submitted his application, Cori signed up to receive his mail services through Keystone and was provided food, clothing, and necessary provisions while he was waiting for the housing authority.  


In the meantime, Cori was able to keep on himself on his feet through couch surfing and ping-ponging back and forth between Keystone Mission and other local human service agencies.  


Within a matter of months, Cori heard back from the Housing Authority, which found him a one-bedroom apartment in the area. This new stable environment grants him the ability to work on his lifelong hobbies of jewelry making and tie-dying.


Cori is now retired and hopes to get married, have kids, and open his own business with his art. 


Photo: Lindsey & Cori 

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