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Try and see:
Victoria's VOlunteer Story

Victoria has been a faithful volunteer since 2020. 


When the Covid pandemic hit, Victoria’s work shut down indefinitely. For weeks, she spent her time at home going a little stir-crazy.  


“I remember my husband telling me to get out of the house.” Victoria laughed. 


The very next day, she received an email from Keystone Mission requesting volunteers for Message and a Meal. She jumped at the opportunity to cook a meal on Mondays, and when the Innovation Center opened, she committed to volunteering at Keystone Mission twice a week.  


Victoria and her husband first heard about Keystone Mission through serving in their church’s youth group. It became a tradition to volunteer as a group during the weekend Message and a Meal program.  


“The cool part about volunteering [at Keystone Mission] 

 is there are so many things here you can do.” 


Three years later, you can still find Victoria volunteering in the Innovation Center, talking with guests, preparing meals, and doing whatever she can to make the staff’s jobs easier.  


Victoria highly recommends volunteering at Keystone Mission because it is an eye-opening experience, shocked by the homeless population in the city she lived in. She says her outlook on people changed as she learned how to better love people, no matter their circumstances.  


Her words of advice to the local community are, “Why don’t you just try it and see?” 



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