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Five Years & COunting:
Kristina's Volunteer Story


wo to three times a week you can find Kristina prepping meals with the men at the Transformation Center and having meaningful conversations over a Bible study.

The Transformation Center is a hub for men in Northeast PA who live at the center 24/7 with access to food, clothes, and a structured program with the sole focus to transform their lives and become productive members of society. Kristina spends quality time with the residents by preparing food alongside them and having dinner with them. Nightly, the men will also participate in Bible studies or Celebrate Recovery meetings.  


Since its opening, Kristina has enjoyed being involved in the lives of men seeking life transformation. She admits volunteering is just as transformative.  


“I have learned much and become closer to God through this time. I’m learning that my love can be given to people in many forms. I have learned some practical ways to see the small victories in every day.” 


Kristina began partnering with Keystone Mission five years ago through Message and a Meal, where she made special bonds with volunteers and guests. Being surrounded by residents and staff who pursue God daily has impacted her own heart tremendously.  


“[Now] I’m here to show them God’s love and that they are cared about. My time at the Center always brightens my day.”  

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