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4th Annual


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REAL people talk about REAL issues to seek REAL solutions for the NEPA community.

This is Keystone Mission’s 3rd year to host REAL TALK. Since its inception in 2020, Justin Behrens has used the platform to engage with the community with the hopes of educating them on the myths of homelessness. Each year, REAL TALK invites community members and leaders, local, state, and federal politicians, and church leaders to talk on how they can partner with Keystone Mission to better the men and women experiencing homelessness. 


REAL TALK will be held on the grounds of the Lackawanna County Courthouse (N. Washington side). You will have the opportunity to come and speak with Justin and hear from other community leaders and even guests themselves. Our goal is to raise awareness of how the community can rally around the men and women experiencing homelessness. 


Event Hours

Starts on Tuesday, October 25th at 10:00 a.m. and will go for 24-hours.


Watch a few of the conversations CEO & Executive Director, Justin Behrens had at last years REAL TALK held at Public Square Park in Wilkes-Barre. 


VIDEO #1—This video is with State Police Trooper Carl Puskar. The topic was how the two organizations can partner together to educate the homeless that the State Police are here to help them get help and hope in the community. 


VIDEO #2—This video is with former State Rep. Tarah Toohil. Behrens and Toohil discussed legislation that is available for organizations and those experiencing homelessness that would benefit them to seek help and hope. 


VIDEO #3—This video is with WBRE PA Live host, Chris Bohniski. Behrens and Bohniski spoke about why Keystone Mission chooses to stay out 24 hours to engage and educate the community, how the organization provides help and hope to those experiencing homelessness, and what is available for community involvement. 

Watch more on our YouTube channel.