December 6, 2017

Guest Prayer Requests 12/06/17

Guest Prayer Requests 12/06/17 for family & friends for Michael – that the Lord keeps me ever so humble, and that God would use me for ht building of His Kingdom for Gerald – keep him safe in the home he’s at, and for Dan, & April to get their apartment in Scranton for Ashley – operation on broken ankle to heal right for liberation from drugs for Jason and Karen and all our friends and family – and that we receive the Lord at the fullest – and we all receive all our wishes and dreams become real for me – to give me a chance to sleep because I am stressed for this year God give me peace and tranquility in my life and my heart, and a place to sleep, because being on the street is sad to sleep in the cold for this year 2018 I would like God to let me have my own apartment because I do not want to live this life living in the streets for repentance for a place for rent on a weekly or monthly basis for temporary homeless emergency assistance shelter help
November 30, 2017

Prayer Requests 11/30/17

Guest Prayer Requests 11/30/17 for my sister Helen (Nancy) in Manor care in Kingston – for salvation an healing (amputee) for the family & friends of James E. (deceased) for strength and confidence in Christ, that I might boldly proclaim His gospel to all whom I may encounter for me – I feel very stressed and depressed.  I need God in my life.  I feel alone without family for me – worried  about not having gifts for my adult children for Christmas
November 24, 2017

Prayer Requests 11/24/17

PRAYER REQUESTS November 24, 2017 for Josh, who had been in the hospital for the Lord to soften hearts and remove all the rage and anger and lashing out at others for Sam, that he would be safe for Michelle, Genevieve, Shawn, Rob, and London for the police and all they do to help protect us for all those alone during the holidays for a place to sleep indoors, during the cold months for job opportunities
November 17, 2017

Prayer Requests 11/16/17

PRAYER REQUESTS 11/16/2017 for healing for Judy S. with heart issues – having testing done this week for healing for AnnMarie – having follow-up testing/surgery for a newly discovered health problem for healing for  Andrew Y. and his family regarding his kidney issues for healing, guidance and direction regarding Matthew G. and his family for healing for Paul S. – health issues – heart and other age-related complications for Tony R. and continued recovery after his heart attack for Jennifer S. – healing from this painful cancer for peace for the families of the victims in the Texas church shooting for a building and finances for the Mission to open a shelter for all guests to have a place to sleep indoors for Jeff – for freedom from temptations and continued strength to follow the Lord
November 8, 2017

Guest Prayer Requests Week Of 11/06/17

Guest Prayer Requests Week Of 11/06/17 for my children, family and friends for my family.  We lost 3 people in the last 28 days – my aunt lost her son at the age of 40, and her daughter 2 years ago – not taking it well.  My uncle not taking it good.  He’s had 20 years sober and is drinking again. for my continued sobriety, employment, and housing for Myself! to remain focused and true, not only to myself, but to others and my wife, who will hopefully be home for Christmas. for people to tell the truth – not lies to people for my cousins – Kathy F., and  Dawnn S. – dying of cancer.  I fear losing them. for me.  I need healing and forgiveness. for Steven M. and Faith B for my cousin, who lost her 22 year old son unexpectedly, and also our community as we suffer from this terrible opioid epidemic.