March 14, 2019

Guest Prayer List 3-14-2019

Guest Prayer List 3-14-2019 I need prayer for: *Robert is getting a little bit beer.  I still need your prayers for him.  Harry Thornton, Jr. *The mission, our family. This place has been a godsend.  May He watch over it and all of us.  D. *My sisters, Melissa, and Molly, Tammy, my brother, Adam and Jason.  Lord, help us with what we are going through.  And also, my friend, Amanda.  John *John and Raiz health and salvation.  Good health and successful writing for me.  Salvation for families and friends especially Taja, Dave, Janet, Pattie.  Homeless to survive the winter.  Peter *My husband, my sister and I just looked at a place for rent.  God, I’m asking that you help us with our jobs coming up, with the money to get into our home and let everything go successfully with the jobs we start on Wednesday.  Also, I ask that you watch over my sister, Stacey, with her pregnancy and let her twins be born health and strong.  In Jesus name.  Amen.  Heather McGrade *Monique and her family, also, Kamilah and her family.  Kamilah *Healing for Rebecca, my mom.  She deals with pain in her knees and other pains.  She is […]
March 6, 2019

Guest Prayer List 3-7-2019

Guest Prayer List 3-7-2019 I need Prayer for: *My family and friends for strength, courage and wisdom to find possible work and for some to be able to quit drinking as well as any other addictions. Timothy Cox. *To be a good person. *My sister, Stacey’s husband, Victor and myself (Heather) we just moved back from Texas, we have jobs, but we need a home.  Heather McGrade *Strength, courage, wisdom, ways to handle my anger impulse and stress levels.  And prayers for anxiety and source of income.  Also, for my nephew’s kidney problems.  He is two years old.  Timothy Cox. *John and Raiz and all homeless to survive this winter.  Good health and successful writing for me.  Health and recovery for Bob and Paul.  Salvation for family and friends.  Peter *Forgiveness and love with family and friends.  Success and happiness in my life.  Amen.  Juanita *As much help and support I need to get my house all the way cleaned up and organized.  Please pray that my children stop making messes and treating me like maid service.  Traylyn *Peace, prosperity, power, light, love, blessings, miracles, healing, deliverance, overflowing abundance, transformation and let go of all pain, hurt, suffering, resentment, worry, […]
February 28, 2019

Guest Prayer List 2-28-2019

Guest Prayer List 2-28-2019 I need prayer for: *Robert is getting a little bit better.  Please pray someday he will change.  Harry Thornton *Barbara W. That God will soften her heart and help her to find sobriety.  Please ease the burdens of the homeless.  Joe *Everyone, that all will know God.  Richard Walton *Two of my friends, Jay and Faye.  For a hedge of protection around them when they go on their mission trip.  Johnny G. *Ellen.  She is struggling with alcohol *I thank you very much for your help and support for the whole community and for my mom also, because she can not communicate in English, still she always needs your help.  You along with your staff are so kind and helpful to her.  I appreciate it.  Thank you. Hahza’s daughter
February 21, 2019

Guest Prayer List 2-21-2019

Guest Prayer List 2-21-2019 I need prayer for: *Please continue to pray for a job. I got some work that pays very little, but it is illegal work and not what I prefer.  Pray for legal work that will pay well.  thank you. *John and Raiz to get through this winter and come to know the Lord.  For all the homeless to get through this winter.  Good health and successful writing for me.  Healing for Paul who had a toe removed.  Peter. *Energy, motivation, drive and time to clean my house, declutter and organize it.  Let my children and other people stop making messes and leaving their things for me to clean up.  Let me receive whatever help and assistance I can use to get the jobs done.  Troylynn *Everyone to survive this cold weather.   Salvation for Taja and Carolyh.  Salvation for family and friends.  Good health and successful writing for me.  Raiz and Mountain Man to get through winter and for their salvation. Peter *Dan, please pray for him.  Let God be the light.  Smoo *Getting into a high rise that I applied for. *Shardel, pray for a house and getting my daughter back to me.  I want to […]
February 7, 2019

Guest Prayer Requests 2-6-2019

Guest Prayer List 2-6-2019 I need prayer for: *I have an abscessed tooth again, not a lot of pain but a lot of swelling.  Also, a job that is the Lords will.  Thank you. *Morgan Chew to get her kids back.  Dustin Sebo *Me to get a daybed mattress, to get a job for myself, for my wife to be here and to get roommates.  Ronald Hansen *Robert is not doing much better.  He still talks back to his mother and will not do as she asks.  Please pray for him.  Harry Thornton, Jr. *Abscessed tooth is starting to get painful and the swelling is worse.  Thank you.  Salvation for Aubrey, Stanley, Logan and Cassie.  Also, need a job again soon! *Salvation, safety and health for Raiz and John.  Health and writing success for me.  Salvation and success for my team mates at work, family and friends.  Traveling mercies for our loved ones during the Holiday Season.  Peter *Abscess very swollen and painful today.  Please pray for relief. Sally * Reunion of Tracy and her emotional support dog, Max.  Tracy works extremely hard to get herself of these bloody streets, a home for Max, Tracy and Rich. *My house to […]