November 15, 2018

Guests Prayer List 11-15-2018

Guest Prayer List 11-15-2018   I need prayer for:   *My wife to be gets here in one piece.  Also, that I get a job for myself and I get a mattress for my day bed.  Ronald Hansen *Sara Femea is in CMC for monitoring of EKG. * I have been using drugs and I am now homeless hungry and I don’t want to die.  Please pray for me.  Warren Daniels. *Me.  My daughter, Olivia Johnson, died at age five.  She was raped and died from loss of blood.  That was two years ago.  I know she is in a better place, she was my everything.  Zachary *Mike, he is not feeling well.  pray for healing for him. Bonni L. Davis  
November 8, 2018

Guest Prayer List 11-8-2018

Guest Prayer List 11-8-2018 I need prayer for: *Jane needs prayer for her leukemia that was in remission for a long time but has returned. A “Sis” of mine, give her strength. *To find a way to create a fund raising to help the mission and the Scranton police to fight the spice epidemic that is destroying minds daily, right before our eyes. Don Hurricaine *This winter be warm and our bellies full. Our love is pure and strong. Life is good even when it is really not good. Love is a great feeling. Pray for us? Brandi & Koos *Pray for my fiancé, Mike Yeager, that his knee gets better. Also, for our son, Michael Yeager, as he goes to Japan and for Jacquia. *MY girl, Tiffanie, her family. Myself and my entire family. The sick and suffering through-out the world. Mike Y *That I will make the right choices, to follow God’s direction. Tracy Valentine
November 1, 2018

Guest Prayer List 11-1-2018

Guest Prayer List 11-1-2018   I need prayer for:   *That God move and answer different kinds of prayers.  The ultimate kind of prayers.  A new mercy, the best kind of prayer.  Welcome me into his kingdom.  John *My family/ Friends and church folks.  Pastor Molly Lanier *My sister Halona is in the ICU in a coma. *Me to become stronger and get my girlfriend a place soon. *All those with addiction issues especially those plagued by the spice epidemic.  May the Lord find and a way to fight the Spice monster – perhaps ban the wraps in this town and offer some treatment program to help them recover.  Traverson *Joshua Amigon is going for a bone marrow transplant. *Patience and to stop swearing and do better by others.  Don *To grow stronger in ways, to become a better man and find a place to cll home before the first snow.  John *Kathy Connor has a broken hip, needs prayer for guidance.  Barbara Brady needs prayer for her leg.  Pray for happier days.  Christina Dietrick. *Harry and Robert Morrow, my mother and father.  Thank you for your prayers for us.  Harry Thornton, Jr. *Bernieis in recovery now and needs to […]
October 25, 2018

Guest Prayer List 10-25-2018

Guest Prayer List 10-25-2018   I need prayer for:   *My Mom.  That she will stay down south for my sisters.  To feel a little bit better, got real sick last night.  Still not 100 % yet.  John *Anyone struggling with emotionally painful situations. *Robert, because he still talks back to his mother and some time he will go to church. *My grandmother with stage four cancer to heal and for her pain to ease.  Cait *Pain relief. *Christine, dad and Danny. *My self and others.  God is great.  He gives everything to us, so we have to pray to God everyday and night.  Lax *Me to find or know my purpose here and then for God to give me the tools I need to achieve my purpose. *My wife who is in constant pain.  Paul *My wife to get better from a recent car accident from another car.  To get a job on Monday, also get mattress for day bed. Ronald *For Tom Drew’s family he passed away on Thursday.  Rob-Joe *We need prayer.  Rachel, Roland and Sara Knowles. *The smooth and easy moving of my family to the beautiful house up the block, that the roof does not […]
October 11, 2018

Guest Prayer List 10-11-2018

Guest Prayer List 10-11-2018   I need prayer for:   *The family we go to church with every Sunday and my mother, father and son, Robert.  Pray for my stomach.  Harry Thornton. *My family and kids.  That be good. *Robert and his sister.  His sister needs prayer the most.  Robert is getting a little better. Pray for their mother because she is getting a little bit worse.  Please do not tell them.  Harry Felicia and family.  Praise God. *My Lord I need you more than ever, don’t abandon me now! *I pray to God daily. *My baby to be born healthy and that it goes to full term.  Thank you, God for everything.  Amen *A better future, stable and fruitful for all of humanity.  Marvin Thomas *My ministeries to grow.  Pastor Molly Lanier *My son and family.  He is not speaking and the doctor finds he has autism.  I also, need prayer for me.  FM *Me getting a jo so I can start getting my life back and be happy with my girl.  William Campbell * God help me grow and walk closer to you in these trying times.  I miss my sister.  Please give her a second chance.  Show […]