September 20, 2018

Guest Prayer List 9-20-2018

Guest Prayer List 9-20-2018   I need prayer for:   *Getting a job to get a place so I’m no longer homeless.  My Girl will get better from cancer and Lyme Disease.  I really worry about her every day.  William Campbell *Everyone that God gives a gift to.  Thank God for the mission, at one time I had nowhere to go.  God changed that, God bless the workers.  To all with love.  James Rooney *Me and others like me!!  David Heck *Alec Rumovitz.  He needs a life plan.  Alcohol problem, needs reason or way to keep it going.  Barbara *The family.   Thank you for prayers for Robert.  Please pray for the mother and the house.  Thank you for your prayers.  Harry Thurnton *That I get blessed with a tent, that my ex-husband finds a job so he can keep a roof over my children’s heads.  Amber A. *Chris Walfle in US Army and my brother, Cole and my dad.  Zachary W. *Roberta and Dennis , that we are successful getting my lease and that God touches the heart of the mighty that they show compassion to the humble and the meek.  Dennis *Dale Hayes, my daughter’s son, granddaughter, sons and […]
September 13, 2018

Guest Prayer List 9-13-2018

Guest Prayer List 9-13-2018 I need prayer for: *All the homeless in Scranton.  If two or more come in my name, I shall surely come.  In the name of God, our beloved creator.  B *Lord keep my son, Mason, safe in his foster home.  Thank you for your prayers.  Rebecca Ruiz *My kids (14 & 16) are out of control, they have me homicidal/suicidal.  CYS & cops are not helping. *Relief from chronic back and leg pain.  Hannah. *Healing in Jesus name.  Amen   Floyd McLaughlin *My family Sanchez Martinez.  For health for my daughters, husband, union in our family and wisdom.  Thank you for your support for my family.  God bless. *My uncle Jon.  He just got out of ICU a week ago and now he is in rehab learning to walk and talk again.  He needs all the prayers he can get.  Thank you in advance. *My family., that we can find an apartment before winter comes along and that my two-year old son in foster care is safe and loved.  Thank you for your prayers. Rebecca *The strength to get by and to carry on in this busy life.  Crystal *Robert, he has been good so far, but […]
September 8, 2018

Guest Prayer list 9-6-2018

Guests Prayer List 9-6-2018   I need prayer for:   *The strength to do what needs to be done for my house.  Roof repairs. *For work for my family. *Terry Wade Duncan is in jail.  Terry *Patience and understanding. RV *Mike Sullivan and Kyle Lowe, may God forgive them of their mistakes. I succeed in my care for depression. *Robert because he keeps on talking back to his mother and they try to help him.  Harry Thornton Jr.  Harry Thornton *All the people struggling, hurting, suffering, sick, lonely, greedy needy, unhappy, ungrateful and addicted.  I thank you for my many blessings in Jesus name.  Amen!! Bonnie *Colton.   Dear father God, please watch over my son and provide him with peace, love and happiness on his life’s journey.  Thank you, God for all I have. *Dan Synder and Snyder family. *Obedience, faith, peace on earth.  Trump for peace.  Say what you mean and mean what you say.  James *My brothers and their families to find God I their lives.  Hannah *The ones who hold hate and envy in their hearts as God watches over us. The ones who have suffered loss of any sort, including loss of forgiveness. Peace and Sanity […]
August 30, 2018

Guests Prayer List 8-30-2018

Guest Prayer List 8-30-2018   I need prayer for: *My Aunt Gwen.  I want her to grow and prosper. *Colton.  Please Lord bless Colton’s life with peace, love and happiness I Jesus name.  Amen.  Patti *My children’s health safety and happiness.  Myself and my husband to also, have good health, safety and happiness.  Bonnie to be healthy, safe and happy.  Stacy *My nephew, Finley, is not doing well at all.  He was born early and has multiple conditions that are getting worse. *My wife and our baby.  My health and my finances. Edward Evans *Lord hear my pray, please rid me of the Montags Help me! *For my son, Mason, who is in foster care, may Jesus keep him safe. Rebecca *All those who have lost dear loved ones, that their memories will liv on as a memory of love.  Don *Bobby at work.  God knows who.  A good man.  David *My mon, Molly Lanier, she has dementia. *Toby Conley. The family my former mentor, Inky, she died in a terrible car wreck on Tuesday.  She was well loved by her whole community.  Her husband was injured in the accident.  I can’t make it to the funeral.  Hannah. *The spice […]
August 23, 2018

Guests Prayer List 8-23-2018

Guest Prayer List 8-23-2018   *The Gardner family and their loss of grandmother.  She passed away Aug 11. M. Gardner *John Vancosky please return to us safe and sound.  May God be with you John.  Love Pattie and family. We are praying for you. *Colton.  Please watch over him Father God and keep him safe, healthy and happy.Mom’s family *Temporary emergency shelter.  Assistance and help with employment till the end of this month.  Donald *My son, Mason, he is two and needs his mother.   Please pray for me in finding an apt. for my family so I can get him back.  Thank you for your prayers.  Rebeca *Cindy is in the hospital and has medication problems, needs some love.  Hurricane. *Having a safe surgery on 8-17-18.  I would greatly appreciate it.  Thank you.  Amanda Morris *The Philadelphia Eagles football team to win the super bowl again.  The family also.  Harry Thornton *  back from there abusive father and so I am no longer homeless and can have my babies back. Amber A. *To get a fulltime job, a home where I can live with my fiance so we can be happy and be stress free and have no worries.  For […]