July 19, 2018

Guests Prayer Requests 5-19-2018

Guests Prayer Requests 7-19-2018   I need prayer for: *All the people whose prayers have not been completed. *Protection and guidance for Jennifer and William. *Tony Marsico’s family for strength in this tie of loss.  Joe *My friends.  The last three our of four were murdered.  They did not deserve that, no one does. *To remember my old Q-link phone number or find someone that might still have it.  That is the next step for me, For my brother, Lionel.  Rest in peace.  John *Patience for several housing opportunities. *Success, I am from NYC.  I’ve been homeless since the age of 14 after my father died.  Although I’ve been homeless since that age I’ve always been employed.  I came to Scranton, April 13, 2018, and been sleeping on the trail from here to Moosic.  What I mean by success is that I need a job.  I have been applying but I don’t have my birth certificate and PA ID.  I’m working on it, to be honest, but I need them before I get called back and hired.  So far, I’ve been hired at Simplex Homes and Wal-Mart but I need my birth certificate and PA ID to finalize everything and […]
July 11, 2018

Guest Prayer Requests 7-12-2018

Guest Prayer Requests 7/12/2018   I need prayer for:   *A change in my life.  I don’t like the person I’ve become.  I need to get the fight to live back in my life.  I’m not unhappy, I just need to make an improvement in this life before it is too late.  I need to be more like I was at my best bac then.  JAD *A place for my children so they don’t have to live with their dad, because I miss them to much.  BJ *My friend who is sick.  JD *Kyle McClure who is having heart surgery.GN *All our troops from Wiles Barre who are being deployed to Poland.  National Guard and Reserves. *My brother Tommy who hurt his hand.  Grace *A change in this life.   Need to get a part-time job and keep it for a very long time.  I want to get back on my feet again. *For John and Sue.  G *Help, felt so sick this weekend.  Comes and goes, hitting me in waves.  Not sure what it is, just want to feel better.  JD *My family. *My replacement card and phone.  Need to wait a little bit longer.  They are important, I need […]
July 5, 2018

Guest Prayer Requests 7-5-2018

Guest Prayer Requests 7/5/20018   I need prayer for:   *Eli, papa and their mother. D *Helping me with trusting and forgiving myself.  AM *My family and me to have a good and healthy recovery, give me the strength to stay strong for what I am going through for the next two years.  For my brother to get well, for Warren and me to get closer than what we are.  PS *My family and me.  God is good all the time.  God bless all my friends and my family.  I pray for God to help all the homeless people in this city.  God bless you.  God Bless the Keystone Mission. *Roberta and myself, that God receive our thanks for being sustained, that he touches the hearts of those at housing, that they allow her on my lease so we can have a home together.  Also, please let Roberta see and feel the love I have for her and the love of God.  DF *The courage to change for the better.  I kind of feel like I am stuck, when I could be in an improved position, for a kick start or boost.  JAD *My son’s peace of mind.  Pray those […]
June 28, 2018

Guest Prayer Request 6-28-2018

Guest Prayer Request 6-28-2018   I need prayer for: *My friend Jose Collazo AKA Pappy and the mission.  D *Me and my husband, brother-in-law, mother-in-law and father-in-law.  I hope God will help my family and me through the good times and bad times with our health problems.  Amen.  M *My recovery gong through DATS and I am not loving the group sessions, so I am asking for prayer for me to overcome whatever it is to get through my sessions.  Also, my kids and family and walk with God.  TM *Michael and Tiffanie during all their endeavors together as a couple, families and friends, the military and for hunger to end.  M *A new living arrangement, I gave up my old apartment and moved early because I thought I would get my security deposit back, I did not.  I had to leave because it was unlivable, it had mold and was affecting my health.  J *Roberta to be cleared by housing background check.  She’s been homeless to long.  I pray for all homeless women for they are most at risk and less attended to.  Please help your women live like people and be treated like people. Amen   DF *My daughters […]
June 21, 2018

Guest Prayer Requests 6-21-2018

Guest Prayer Request 6-21-2018 God thank you for: *Being in my life. I would like you to pray for me to have a safe surgery in August. AM *The opportunity to start over. “He then sent unto me, in a vivid dream, the devil will take everything from thee. But if you are willing to work and be free, I will bring everything back to thee.” God, I’m Sorry for: *Not being sorry about my petty thefts…being better. *Being selfish and not following your way of life and for braking the law and for not being nice to people that are not thankful or grateful for what I do for them. Amen. PS *Taking my eyes off of you. DH *Hurting the people that love me. *Not going to church on Sundays. *Not doing the right things in life, I must do better things in life. I love God in my family. God is good all the time and God bless my family. W *Being an idiot. For not being obedient. *Breaking God’s laws, not obeying the Bible. Help me to overcome temptation, to be honest with others, also, with myself. In Jesus name, amen. *Being selfish and hurting the […]