December 13, 2018

Guest Prayer List 12-13-2018

Guest Prayer List 12-13-2018   I need prayer for:   *Me to get a mattress for my day bed.  Also, to get a job.   Donald Hansen *My Grandmother is not feeling good and she is really upset about some stuff that is happening.  For my mother who is upset about stuff that has been happening also. Dustin M. *Raiz and John for salvation and that they can safely survive, good health and successful writing for me.  Salvation for family and friends.  Successful employment for David and Sue.  Peter *Robert and Lisa Ricker as their marriage is in trouble.  They need prayer to make them strong again because there is plenty of love deep down.  Robert *Jeff C. he has to go for a scan to see if his cancer is going anywhere else in his body.  Christine & Joe Nye *Joe N, that he has changed and will never hurt another man, woman or child. *Robert is doing ok.  He is not arguing with his mother as much. He is getting in everybody’s business.  I thank you for your prayers. For him.  Thank you again.  Harry Thornton *The families of the victims of the fatal house fires, may they find […]
December 6, 2018

Guest Prayer List 12-6-2018

Guest Prayer List 12-6-2018   I need prayer for: *My soul and life.  My family.  Abihu *A chance to see the light.  I have been in the dark all my life.  I hide my true feelings behand a mask.  I have kept that mask on for 15 years.  I need more help than a Phd can offer.  Jay S. *An apartment very soon, closer relationship with God, my Lord and Savior.  My hard work and dedication to turn into fruition.  For thanks and clarity and guidance through and through.  Juanita Thomas *Apartment and job.  Trying to get my kids back in my house.  Shandel *All the homeless throughout the entire world, that Jesus Christ bless, defend, protect and keep us.  Brandon *Robert and his mom. Hope they will get along better.  My mother wants to know when the Christmas gifts are coming out.  Harry Thornton *The best for all.   DR *My sister-in-law back pain.  Christine. *For my babies and my wife, not for my life, just them.   I dream about them every day.  I am so far away from them and I have a baby on the way also.  They make me smile when I look at them.  I just […]
November 29, 2018

Guest Prayer List 11-29-2018

Guest Prayer List 11-29-2019   I need prayer for:   *That I make it to the first of the month and that I keep doing the next right thing.  John *My brother, Frank, my sisters, Molly & Tammy.  Happy Anniversary mom and dad.  John *An apartment this week, so our kids can come home.  Thank you.  Erylene & Anthony *Robert and his mother.  Robert is acting like he is great.  Please pray for him.  He talks back to his mother and father. Sometimes he is good.  Harry Thornton *My girlfriend, Tiffany, to make the right decision this weekend, do wht is right no matter what happens.  John *Robert and his mother are doing a bit better.  I need your prayers for them, mostly for Robert.  Thank you.  Please do not tell them.  Harry Thornton, Jr.
November 22, 2018

Guest Prayer List 11-22-2018

Guest Prayer List 11-22-2018   I need prayer for: *Homeless to find God and find salvation in the Lord. * Me to get a mattress for m day bed.  Also, that I get a job.  Ronald Hansen *The help to get through this little road block and over this hill that seems to never end and goes on forever.  Help me to see that light that never shines for me. *My right hand, my pinky and middle finger are numb.  I don’t know what is wrong.  Britny *Robert, his mother and I need prayer for the house and for Christmas.  Harry Thorton, Sr. *Making it to my appointment on Monday morning early.  John *To get a referral for my surgery.  John *Help for me to get a phone charger for my phone so doctors, work and my daughter can reach me.  Franklin R. Hons *I do not lose my job in the Administration Wing and I will be able to preach the gospel. *Rebecca Henderson.  This is the first holiday season without her husband.  He passed on January 30th.  She’s feeling down.  She also has knee pain that’s not getting better with treatment.  Kristina
November 15, 2018

Guests Prayer List 11-15-2018

Guest Prayer List 11-15-2018   I need prayer for:   *My wife to be gets here in one piece.  Also, that I get a job for myself and I get a mattress for my day bed.  Ronald Hansen *Sara Femea is in CMC for monitoring of EKG. * I have been using drugs and I am now homeless hungry and I don’t want to die.  Please pray for me.  Warren Daniels. *Me.  My daughter, Olivia Johnson, died at age five.  She was raped and died from loss of blood.  That was two years ago.  I know she is in a better place, she was my everything.  Zachary *Mike, he is not feeling well.  pray for healing for him. Bonni L. Davis