Guest Prayer Requests Week of July 6, 2017
July 6, 2017
Guest Prayer Requests Week of July 17th, 2017
July 20, 2017
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Prayer Requests Week of July 13, 2017


Week of 07/13/17


– for my neighbor Danny.  He has cancer. I pray he keeps up his strength.

– for me and my daughter.  We need strength in every part of our lives.  We need help with a financial problem.  To follow my Father, I need my Father.

– for my mom’s cousin.  He has cancer and he is a nice person.

– for me and my kids for good luck and a new house soon.

– for my sobriety and strength and to maintain sobriety.  For patience to be a better mom.

– for Lawrence for a test, and for my heart test.  Finally, for Sara and Bill’s test.

– for lots of friends with diabetes for healing.   Pray for my left hip.  I have to have my hip done.

– for Jen, Jayden and Sam’s salvation.

– for peace, forgiveness for my family.  That they would accept Jesus Christ and realize what He did for us.  For everyone to love each other and the hatred to stop.

– for my family and loved ones as well as ones that do not have the Lord in their lives.

– for Derek, he had a seizure.  That the Lord would heal his seizures.

– for Cindy’s mental illness and for Carol who is pregnant.

– for people who do not remember what they do when they are drunk.

– for Jody’s alcoholism.  Please heal her.

– for the group who smokes spice outside the mission each night.  God please stop spice.

– for Augustine, God knows his illness.

– for myself and my kids.  For health, a job and housing.

– for all the people who are choosing spice for their problems instead of Jesus.  Jesus please heal them.