Keystone Mission expands in Scranton

by FOX56 Newsroom

Keystone Mission in Scranton is expanding.

A new building will soon help dozens of homeless people get back on their feet.

It may not look like much, but soon, this could be place that helps people get their lives back on track.

“and this time is the right time, and the right place and we’re excited about the move that we’re looking forward too,” says Justin Behrens, the CEO at Keystone Mission.

It’s been open since 2007 giving back to the community, whether it’s food, clothing or just somewhere to stay warm.

Right now, it can’t keep anyone overnight.

“a lot of people were just one paycheck away from being homeless, so this is their opportunity to come back and move forward and that’s what we’re here to offer,” says Behrens.

Behrens says the new building, less than a mile away on Wyoming Avenue, has been in the talks for a while.

Now, this building is the best option, to offer the community the most resources.

“It’s not just a homeless shelter, it’s going to be a transition center, this is where we’re going to teach skills that they maybe have missed in life. They’re also going to start learning about job training. We’re looking at doing a trade school inside there,” Says Behrens.

While it’s going to be costly, Behrens is guessing around a million dollars once it’s all said and done.

He says the generous community is making this dream, seem more and more like reality.

“The majority of our money is actually through donations, private donors, so people donate to keystone mission for the same causes that we believe in, which is helping the homeless, the poor, the needy of NEPA.,” says Behrens.

The Scranton Zoning Board voted 4 to one in favor of moving the shelter to Wyoming Avenue.