Local Foundation Provides grant to increase service to Homeless Men and Women in Scranton Community

Local Foundation Provides grant to increase service to Homeless men and women in the Scranton Community.

Partnership with local foundations allows organization to increase the level of care across the Scranton community.

Scranton, PA—Keystone Mission received a $15,000.00 grant through the Scranton Area Community Foundation to provide necessary resources for the Life Transformation Program. The organization purchased MissionTracker, a case management software, and new computers for Program Staff. Both purchases have increased the level of care and intentionality Keystone Mission is offering to men and women who are broken and homeless in the Scranton community.

Since receiving the grant, Keystone Mission has served over 5,081 individuals through meals on the weekend, the Code Blue Shelter, Scranton Day Center, and the outreach of Team Agape. Guests have access to obtain government IDs, food, clothes, and access to seek medical treatment from community agencies. MissionTracker is the case management software where the Life Coaches keep detailed notes of steps and benchmarks guests have achieved in their journey towards transformation. Clear history allows the Life Coaches to encourage the guests towards making wiser decisions. The computers purchased during the pandemic allowed program staff to work remotely and take their devices on the road as they go directly to the homeless and build relationships in their elements. Team Agape, the outreach group, provides real-time, critical intervention to guests on the streets. Each interaction is recorded with the devices purchased and software by the grant.

The funds have allowed crucial relationships to build with the men and women who are broken and experiencing homelessness. Community partnerships like the Scranton Area Community Foundation help make stories like Joe a reality. Joe was homeless because his house burned down. He came to the Mission seeking help after he experienced barriers in the community. Keystone Mission program staff worked alongside other community agencies to get Joe an apartment, medical treatment, and a new government ID to better himself. Partners like the Scranton Area Community Foundation help build a community of hope.

CEO and Executive Director Justin Behrens says, “To help the men and women who are broken and homeless is a COMMUNITY effort. We are grateful to the Scranton Area Community Foundation for their generous contribution to help build relationships and provide access to the men and women who want to get out of homelessness. Thank you!… I also want the community to understand that we desire to share the Goodnews of Jesus Christ with every guest who walks through our doors or we take to an appointment as a faith-based organization. Each one matters to us.”

Guest with Life Coaches after obtaining her renewed Government ID.

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