LifeChange Program
Notice: Currently we are not taking in any new students.

Men’s long term residential addiction recovery program
The LifeChange Program is a 3 – 12 month men’s residential addiction recovery program designed to meet the intellectual, spiritual, mental and physical needs of men who are willing to submit to an intensive Christian program. The program is broken down into four levels for students to advance into house leadership.

Life Skills Education.
The program includes full days of classes and group sessions in Life Skills Education. Students attend Biblical instruction as well as develop healthy coping skills and receive training for anger management, conflict resolution, communication skills and healing for damaged emotions. They also receive assistance with resume writing, basic computer skills, interview techniques and tools that will help them find a keep a job. Life Skill Education is provided in preparation for an active independent life.

Connecting with the Community and Job Placement.
Students in LifeChange serve in many capacities with cooperating organizations to help build rapport and connect with members of the community for references upon graduation. Help is also provided for job placement upon graduation.

The LifeChange Program is FREE for participating students and is made possible through the generous support of individuals, organizations, businesses and grants.