Leadership Lackawanna Supports the Keystone Mission


written by Keystone Mission Staff

SCRANTON, PA — Wednesday, June 2, the Leadership Lackawanna presented their 2021 project to the Mayor of Scranton, Paige Cognetti, and the staff of Keystone Mission. The group from Leadership Lackawanna helped provide much needed items, goods, storage, and computer equipment for the outreach vehicle used by Team Agape.

The group held multiple fundraisers to raise money and support which allowed them to purchase and receive donations that will benefit the community of Scranton, specifically the men and women who are broken and homeless. Our Team Agape Van is now stocked and prepared to go out serving the area.

We as an organization are extremely thankful for community partnerships, like Leadership Lackawanna, who desire to help with equipment, items, and goods that are used to build relationships throughout the community. Keystone Mission is in the business of building relationships with the broken and homeless men and women, and that cannot be done without God and community partners.

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