SCRANTON, PA—Tonight at the Zoning Board hearing, the board voted 3-2 to allow the homeless shelter and day shelter variance at the 215 Hickory Street location. Keystone Mission presented facts regarding homelessness as it relates to Pennsylvania, but primarily as it relates to Scranton’s community and the desperate need of a Life Transformation center. The location will include 60-beds for the night and then open during the day to equip individuals.

Justin Behrens, CEO & Executive Director of Keystone Mission, defended a well-thought-out plan to the zoning board and community members on the 215 Hickory Street location. “Three takeaways from this zoning meeting. 1) We need the community to come together and do it the right way—to fix the broken system. 2) Educate the community on homelessness; to correct the myths that surround those who face homelessness. 3) Scranton is a beacon of hope for the hurting, hungry, and helpless for change with this transformation center.” Stated by Justin Behrens.

Keystone Mission’s new outreach initiative, Team Agape, is taking steps to partner with the community and build a network of resources. The Mission is also intentionally educating the population on homelessness; to offer the right perspective. Keystone Mission is dedicated to providing a safe haven to those who desire to get off the streets and become participating citizens. The permanent transformation center at 215 Hickory Street will assist in the restoration of those who face homelessness.

Behrens seeks to educate the population regarding homelessness, “At the zoning meeting, it may have been an approval for the homeless shelter and transformation center’s variance, but it revealed how there is still miscommunication and a lack of understanding regarding homelessness. I recognize there is a great need for education about the topic.” On October 15, Behrens will sit outside in Scranton and Wilkes-Barre for 24-hours straight, live on Facebook to educate the public on homelessness. He invites anyone and everyone to join him and ask their question.

For more information regarding the 215 Hickory Street location or regarding homelessness, please contact Justin Behrens at or (570) 871–4795.