Guest Prayer Requests 05/18/2017
May 19, 2017
Guest Prayer Requests June 1, 2017
June 1, 2017
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Guest Prayer Requests Week of May 25, 2017


Week of 05/25/17


  • for a test that I need for my heart.  Whatever they found in my second test was nothing more than a mistake.
  • for a new phone
  • for housing, health and for people to stop stealing from me.
  • for my friends and family, and warmer weather to lift their spirits and protect and provide essentials to live right
  • for everyone from the start before creation – there is love with every spirit
  • for my friends that they get their life together.
  • for a friend who is in the hospital in a coma.  Pray she makes it out.
  • for everyone just to get along and be civil to each other.
  • for help to have strength
  • for my brother, he is trying to get his baby girl back.
  • for believers and that all are healed and protected
  • for people to realize that Jesus died for us.  That we need prayer for peace and forgiveness pf sins.
  • for myself and my family through the good and hard times my friends that i am close to.  I am still a suffering addict, I need strength and courage to make changes.