Guest Prayer Requests June 1, 2017
June 1, 2017
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June 14, 2017
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Guest Prayer Requests Week of June 8, 2017


Week of 06/08/17


– for my friends and family at home and here at the mission.  May the warm weather lift our spirits and bring us all joy.

– for everyone addicted to start being accountable for their own actions.  For everyone to stop trying to save the world. Leave it to Jesus to fix.

– for my wife’s folks through this time of sickness they are experiencing…may their health return strong.

– for the workers and volunteers at the mission.

– to keep learning and trusting God.  Also, to keep my family safe.

– for a friend, she is having a few problems.  She has cancer.

– for finding gratitude, peace, and love.  I am going backward instead of going forward.

– for a friend who has a bad liver and needs a transplant.

– for all the love, goodness, peace, and protection of our children.

– for my friend who is extremely sick and in the hospital.

– for me.  I need help to climb out of debt and save some money.

– for friends and family and for their salvation.

– for me to get a job and a mattress and daybed.  I need to find a job and for my wife to be here safe.

– to find a place to stay.

– for strength, happiness, and guidance.

–  for my daughter, who is in a tough situation.  We also need help with money and pray to be closer to God.

– for me.  I need money, I have no clean laundry.

– to thank you, God for the job.  To help me to stop doing wrong things with my life.  I want to be a good man.

– that I would have at least 1 job every day.  I did some cleaning jobs over the last new weeks and need to be paid.