Guest Prayer Requests Week of June 22,2017
June 22, 2017
Guest Prayer Requests Week of July 6, 2017
July 6, 2017
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Guest Prayer Requests week of June 29, 2017

Guest Prayer Requests

Week of 06/29/17



  • for my ability to make good decisions, my family, and my stressful but loving relationship with my other half.
  • for my friend to accept the truth.
  • for love.
  • for me and my wife, homeless and her mother, she is dying.
  • for peace, love, joy for people to realize what my savior did for us.  I pray for my family and for those who haven’t turned to Christ to find Him, to love Him.
  • to keep everyone safe, sheltered and fed, free from harm.
  • for everyone to find the peace and joy that Jesus gives us all.
  • for Tatiana who is contemplating an abortion.
  • for Opal who fell and broke her wrist in 7 spots.
  • Jean who had an operation on 6/28
  • for Sarah who is having an operation on Monday
  • for Larry’s test
  • for me – I need a job, I got hired but they changed their mind.  I hate myself when I am broke.
  • for my wedding in a financial and wonderful way.
  • for Drew and the trials and tribulations he goes through may God give him the strength to prevail.
  • that I get two jobs and my life gets better.
  • that I get to see my sisters and that I get a good dog.
  • I thank Jesus for finding us a place.  Thank you, God.