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June 14, 2017
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June 29, 2017
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Guest Prayer Requests Week of June 22,2017


Week of 06/22/17



  • for my friend who broke up with her boyfriend and she is afraid she will run into him in the building where she lives.
  • for me – my friend was killed.
  • to get a mattress for my daybed and to find a job.
  • for my wife’s gallbladder operation on July 3rd.
  • Dear Lord, please find a job for my friend.
  • for forgiveness of my sins, for peace and happiness.  Also for all those who are homeless or in jail.
  • for the old DA’s family that he will go to heaven soon peacefully.
  • for the US navy and missing sailors.
  • for my friend to stop drinking.
  • for people everywhere to help each other.
  • to find a job.
  • for myself and close friends.  May the good Lord guide us to happiness.
  • for the families and friends of all the fallen soldiers, and for people who really are in need of money.
  • for my 4-month old son who has a heart issue.
  • for me – today is the one year anniversary of my mother’s death.  Please pray.
  • for a “friend of the Mission,” Peter, who had a kidney removed and would like strength to be able to work at his new job.
  • for my wife’s Mother she is 81 and in the Hospital right now having and operating for cancer .She is in Palerton Hosptial in Carbpn County.