Guest Prayer Requests Week of July 17th, 2017
July 20, 2017
Guests Prayer Requests Week of July 31, 2017
August 9, 2017
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Guest Prayer Requests Week of July 24th, 2017

  • To stop making the wrong move in life. I also need a place to live.
  • I have Crohn’s disease. Praying for health. Also, strength and encouragement. Spiritual guidance. I ask for wisdom to make good choices in life.
  • I am a suffering addict. Trying to reach safety. I pray for my family too.
  • Health and prosperity for my family
  • My friend Gerard died alone in his apartment. Social workers found him. Pray for his family and friends.
  • Pray for those addicted to smoking spice. God please help them.
  • Having hip replacement surgery in late August. Please pray.
  • Pray for the mission. Continued sobriety. That God will bless my ability to care for the homeless and the unhealthy. Pray for the new property for the mission.
  • Forgiveness of my sins. For my family. For world peace. For people to realize what the Lord has done for us. Pray for those that have caused me harm.
  • My alcohol addiction. My family and friends and the homeless. Pray that the mission finds the new property they need.
  • To continue to keep faith and keep his chin up in his times of trouble.
  • My mother Kristen, for the hard times. She’s taking care of two kids and three adults and herself. The other adults don’t help out. Please pray.
  • My family to come to know the Lord like I do. I keep walking with the Lord. Pray that the Lord will find me a wife soon.
  • Carol is in need of housing. Five weeks pregnant. Please Jesus, help Carol. She is living in a tent. Keep Carol safe.
  • I get my mind back so I can think clearly.
  • I’m quick to anger. My son Mathew for he is lost. He feels he’s not needed or what his purpose is on this earth. I pray for him.