Prayer Requests Week of July 13, 2017
July 13, 2017
Guest Prayer Requests Week of July 24th, 2017
August 4, 2017
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Guest Prayer Requests Week of July 17th, 2017

– Pray for my friend Jody.

– I need prayer because I am homeless.

– Pray for my family, housing and to keep my job no matter what.  To prosper in life and to help others. 

– Praying for my new apartment, love, goodness, safety and brains to think of peaceful streams. 

– I need prayer for Angela.

– For my Family, for the world, peace for everyone to accept Christ.  Forgiveness of my sins and to be free from the ball and chain I have been carrying around.  

– Promise of a nation so free and independent as no other nation on earth.  

– pray for Angela

– I pray for my wife and my mom to get better.  

– for Kathy, George, Albert and Charlotte.

– for Josh, Linda, and Jen.

– For George, Allmano. and Elizabeth

– For Autumn, she is in prison and needs deliverance from drugs.

– for the struggles I go through every day.  I am asking for a sign that things will get better.

– I am so lost and broken.  I am homeless and can’t get out.  

– Pray we get back on track with our finances.  

– Pray for me and my kids and the people at this mission.

– Praying for a worker at the mission.

– Pray for any person trying to hurt me and my family.

– Pray for me to do good and school so I can learn to get a good job and make lots of money.  Please help me get a good job after college.

– Pray for the people at the mission and my friends

– Well, I did not get a job. They would not commit to pay me.  I am still unemployed. 

– Pray for Larry and my neighbor Danny.  Danny has cancer and Larry is going into the hospital.

– Prayer for myself.  I am going for surgery on August 3rd.

– Prayer for Joe, Jason, Melissa and Jessica.

– Prayer for Bobby, he needs help really bad and he blames everything on God.

– Prayer for Emily to come to Jesus.

– Prayer for myself, I am quick to anger.  

– Prayer for Matthew, for he is lost and feels he is not needed and what his purpose is. 

– Prayer for Diana, she is 18 and pregnant.  

–  Prayer for whoever stole my bike this morning. 

– for special favor and peace.

– prayer for a new apartment.

– prayer for my family to understand my life.  

– pray for my family and friends.