Guest Prayer Requests Week of May 25, 2017
May 25, 2017
Guest Prayer Requests Week of June 8, 2017
June 8, 2017
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Guest Prayer Requests June 1, 2017


Week of 06/01/17


– for a healthy birth and a home of our own again, and for the strength to keep pursing forward and acceptance of our present situation.

– that my fiancé’s friend makes it through the loss of his home in a fire and that his fiancé has a safe healthy pregnancy

– for my SSI hearing

– for myself and everyone going through some sort of things and we need lots of prayers.

– our children to stop the drugs and heroin today.  Bring God back into our schools.

– for the strength to make it through a rough patch. I am exhausted.

– for the soldiers who lost their lives for all of us and serving our country.

– for housing and health.

– for my friend who things he is a gangster.

– for everyone to accept Jesus, to love one another and to have peace in their life.

– for Ryan who pulled the plug on his life today.  God bless his family and loved ones.

– for my friend in need of a liver transplant.

– for traveling mercy and for my gram who is driving us.

– for my girl and I for the strength and ask God to keep out love in our hearts and also to be humble.

– for my new job and stop doing wrong things with my life and also I need a place.

– for me – I had to quit my job and I need a new one, at least one cleaning job a day.

– for family and friends and also for what God has done for me.

– to get my dog home.

– for my wife because she needs an operation.

– for Peter, a friend of the Mission, who recently had one kidney removed due to cancer, and is asking for prayer about a job interview he has coming up.