Guest Prayer List 1-24-2019
January 24, 2019
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Guest Prayer Requests 2-6-2019

Guest Prayer List


I need prayer for:

*I have an abscessed tooth again, not a lot of pain but a lot of swelling.  Also, a job that is the Lords will.  Thank you.

*Morgan Chew to get her kids back.  Dustin Sebo

*Me to get a daybed mattress, to get a job for myself, for my wife to be here and to get roommates.  Ronald Hansen

*Robert is not doing much better.  He still talks back to his mother and will not do as she asks.  Please pray for him.  Harry Thornton, Jr.

*Abscessed tooth is starting to get painful and the swelling is worse.  Thank you.  Salvation for Aubrey, Stanley, Logan and Cassie.  Also, need a job again soon!

*Salvation, safety and health for Raiz and John.  Health and writing success for me.  Salvation and success for my team mates at work, family and friends.  Traveling mercies for our loved ones during the Holiday Season.  Peter

*Abscess very swollen and painful today.  Please pray for relief. Sally

* Reunion of Tracy and her emotional support dog, Max.  Tracy works extremely hard to get herself of these bloody streets, a home for Max, Tracy and Rich.

*My house to be fixed so my kids can come back home and the patience to handle this situation without anger. Thank you. Eylene

*Emily Anne Valentine William success in Johnson College. Health, happiness and reunion with her mother, Tracy. God bless. Thank you. Happy New Year.

*Shirley and Bruce Valentine health issues. Thank you. God bless. Happy New Year.

*Robby love, comfort and support, death of cousin. Cousin’s girlfriend and family. Thank you.

*Pray for me. I miss my grandpa so much since his death. Missy

*”But love ye your enemies, and do god and lend, hoping for nothing again and your reward shall be great and shall be the children of the highest; for he is kind unto the unthankful and to the evil.” l Luke 6:35

*Robert is little better. He is still acting up. He is still talking back to his mother.  Harry Thornton

*Sandy and Bobby Ward to get an apartment soon.  Please pray for us.  Thank you.  Bob and Sandy Ward

*Please pray for a job that I can be paid every day at least $40.  Thank you.

*For me to get a job and a better apartment for myself.  Also, to have my wife home safely with me.  Ronald Hansen

*Ricky to keep his head up and keep trying in life.

*Please continue to pray for the off the books job or more cleaning and/or home health work.  Had a few cleaning jobs but most cancelled.  Also, pray the jobs that we’ve done pay the amount agreed to, been getting ripped off. S

*Me get a job.  To get a mattress for my day bed.  To get a two bedroom apartment for myself.  Ronald Hansen