Guest Prayer Requests 05/11/17
May 12, 2017
Guest Prayer Requests Week of May 25, 2017
May 25, 2017
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Guest Prayer Requests 05/18/2017


Week of May 18, 2017



  • for a hearing, for favor, victory, tear down enemies.  Pray the public defender does his job well.
  • to keep me safe from harm
  • that I get the other job needed
  • for better emergency homeless assistance
  • that my daughter may find the strength to overcome and be truly free
  • for my mother, who is going to lose her liver
  • for my roommate and I
  • Not to ask for anything, just to say thank you Lord
  • for my safety
  • for my friend who has MS and is about to lose both of his legs
  • for my friend who is mad that he has to work.   Please pray he finds work ethic and stops being a thug
  • for my 2 friends who are in really bad shape.  One is a mother in a coma and the sister lost her legs.
  • for me for my anger.
  • for me. I miss a friend who is at home with God
  • for friends and family of Teresa M., who died in April.