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April 26, 2017
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May 12, 2017
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Guest Prayer Requests 05/04/2017


Week of May 4, 2017



  • for my son, Thomas.
  • for a job and a place to stay
  • for my family and for me.  I need to get off drugs and get my life together
  • for my sick Aunt Kathy and that my mom’s car gets fixed
  • for me. I am at the point where I am convinced I may not obtain an apartment for me and my roommate.  I really need this to happen and please pray as hard as possible.
  • for a job please, and also a place
  • for Collin, he is lost and confused and needs the guiding light of Christ
  • for those who are sick, addicted and homeless, for those who don’t know Christ for them to believe
  • for saving of evil vindictive people who blame me for things I have not done.  Forgiveness for them.
  • for me and Pam’s engagement party
  • for a stable place to live and for court to go well.
  • for guidance and good health, help along the way.  Family and friends.
  • for James who has very poor health.
  • for John M., whose love, Stella passed away 5 months ago
  • to return to quiet time with my 1st I tend to be an accomplisher and keep too busy around the house
  • for Sierra – only 8 years old and has a lump on hip – my granddaughter.
  • for the neighbors and loved ones of Patricia D., who passed away at our housing development. She will be sadly missed.
  • for Margie and Lilly to be free from anger.