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December 20, 2018
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January 3, 2019
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Guest prayer list12-27-2018

Guest prayer list



I need prayer for:


*Understanding my health, to keep a job, to not doubt the existence of God, of the story of Jesus.  Carolyn Sims

*Safety and Salvation for John and Raiz.  Salvation, health and recovery for Bob.  Good health and success for me.  Salvation, comfort and health for Beatrice and Vivian.  Traveling mercies for everyone.  Peter

*My kids to come home, find help for the rent and for my finance and me.  God bless our marriage on the first of January.  Melissa

Robert Morrison is doing fine.  I need your prayers for him that he keeps acting fine towards me.  His mother gets on him about that.  Harry Thornton, Jr.

*My friends Nick and Mandy, both homeless in Reading, PA, during the Christmas Season. Michelle Sims

*Richard D. and Tracy V., they are in desperate need of a home.  Preferably in Carbondale-ASAP. Please allow Max, their dog, to be living with them.  Thank you.  God bless.  Merry Christmas.

*Housing, ASAP.

*My man and his son in reading, PA, they are homeless down there.  The Rockey family during the Christmas Season.  Michelle Sims

*Keep Tracy V safe.  She is being stalked and harassed by FH.  Please help her heal, breath easier, heal the six broken ribs and her face, trauma, etc.  Please keep her protected and justice prevail. She has numbness on both sides of her face and mouth, difficulty swallowing and breathing.  Please reunite her with her daughter, build a relationship and trust.  Keep Emily happy, healthy and successful at Johnson College. Thank you.  God bless.

*My kids to come home for my wedding day on the first of the month and for housing and for healing of my soul and heart.  Melissa C.