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February 28, 2019
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March 14, 2019
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Guest Prayer List 3-7-2019

Guest Prayer List


I need Prayer for:

*My family and friends for strength, courage and wisdom to find possible work and for some to be able to quit drinking as well as any other addictions. Timothy Cox.

*To be a good person.

*My sister, Stacey’s husband, Victor and myself (Heather) we just moved back from Texas, we have jobs, but we need a home.  Heather McGrade

*Strength, courage, wisdom, ways to handle my anger impulse and stress levels.  And prayers for anxiety and source of income.  Also, for my nephew’s kidney problems.  He is two years old.  Timothy Cox.

*John and Raiz and all homeless to survive this winter.  Good health and successful writing for me.  Health and recovery for Bob and Paul.  Salvation for family and friends.  Peter

*Forgiveness and love with family and friends.  Success and happiness in my life.  Amen.  Juanita

*As much help and support I need to get my house all the way cleaned up and organized.  Please pray that my children stop making messes and treating me like maid service.  Traylyn

*Peace, prosperity, power, light, love, blessings, miracles, healing, deliverance, overflowing abundance, transformation and let go of all pain, hurt, suffering, resentment, worry, fear, doubt, illness, addictions, obsessions and anxiety.  Antwon Young

*Opportunity to go to Austin to work but will need about $500. Minimum to get there. I have a place to rent already.  Many, many jobs there.

*John, the Mountain Man, who is in rehab.  Pray that he can get healthy and come to know the Lord.  Health and salvation for his brother, Raiz. Good health and successful writing for me.  Peter

*Me and my family to get a place please and pray for my mom who has cancer. Charlen Walter

*Me and my family.  God, I ask you to give them strength, some financial stability and for me, my unborn child and his father to be healed and filled with abundant of peace and joy.  Help my family to have blessings come their way and miracles as well.  Alliana Wade

*Strength, encouragement, wisdom, opportunity to obtain a source of income.  Better Health.  Timothy Cox

*My family, God, I come to you and ask that you heal both of my cousin’s bodies from any bad addiction that they are battling right now and that you talk to them in their dreams, peace, power, prosperity, light and love and continue to heal my immediate family as well.  Alliana Wade

*Husband, Victor, sister, Stacey, and myself.  We are working but having a hard time finding housing.  Just asking that God watch over us, keep us safe and warm while we are out here and help us get into a home.  Heather

*Still mostly unemployed, please pray for a good job.

*Letting go of anything that no longer serves me for my highest and greatest good, such as pain, hurt, suffering, worry, fear, doubt, toxicity, addictions, obsessions, anger, sadness,

depression, stress and anxiety.  Lastly, renewing of my mind, body, spirit and soul.  Antwon Young

*Stronger relationship with my girlfriend’s brothers and family for strength, wisdom, encouragement, and source of income.  Timothy Cox


*Karissa Lasher and Ellen Lasher

*Barb struggling with alcohol.  Joe

*Robert.  He is still the same.  He needs more prayer for please.  Harry Thornton