Guest Prayer List 3-7-2019
March 6, 2019
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Guest Prayer List 3-14-2019

Guest Prayer List


I need prayer for:

*Robert is getting a little bit beer.  I still need your prayers for him.  Harry Thornton, Jr.

*The mission, our family. This place has been a godsend.  May He watch over it and all of us.  D.

*My sisters, Melissa, and Molly, Tammy, my brother, Adam and Jason.  Lord, help us with what we are going through.  And also, my friend, Amanda.  John

*John and Raiz health and salvation.  Good health and successful writing for me.  Salvation for families and friends especially Taja, Dave, Janet, Pattie.  Homeless to survive the winter.  Peter

*My husband, my sister and I just looked at a place for rent.  God, I’m asking that you help us with our jobs coming up, with the money to get into our home and let everything go successfully with the jobs we start on Wednesday.  Also, I ask that you watch over my sister, Stacey, with her pregnancy and let her twins be born health and strong.  In Jesus name.  Amen.  Heather McGrade

*Monique and her family, also, Kamilah and her family.  Kamilah

*Healing for Rebecca, my mom.  She deals with pain in her knees and other pains.  She is emotionally grieving the loss of my step-father.  She is depressed and isolates herself.  Also, my children, Todd, Dustin and Haley to open their hearts to the Lord.  Kristina

*God watch over and protect me, my husband, my dad, mom, my family and friends.  Heather

*Raiz and John to survive and find Jesus as their Lord and Savior.  Good health and successful writing for me.  Salvation recovery and good health for Paul, Robby, Gordon.  Survival for all the homeless.  Peter

*My whole life to get better.  That I grow stronger in Jesus mighty name.  Shannon

*God please help the Mission.