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November 29, 2018
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December 13, 2018
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Guest Prayer List 12-6-2018

Guest Prayer List



I need prayer for:

*My soul and life.  My family.  Abihu

*A chance to see the light.  I have been in the dark all my life.  I hide my true feelings behand a mask.  I have kept that mask on for 15 years.  I need more help than a Phd can offer.  Jay S.

*An apartment very soon, closer relationship with God, my Lord and Savior.  My hard work and dedication to turn into fruition.  For thanks and clarity and guidance through and through.  Juanita Thomas

*Apartment and job.  Trying to get my kids back in my house.  Shandel

*All the homeless throughout the entire world, that Jesus Christ bless, defend, protect and keep us.  Brandon

*Robert and his mom. Hope they will get along better.  My mother wants to know when the Christmas gifts are coming out.  Harry Thornton

*The best for all.   DR

*My sister-in-law back pain.  Christine.

*For my babies and my wife, not for my life, just them.   I dream about them every day.  I am so far away from them and I have a baby on the way also.  They make me smile when I look at them.  I just want to see them so bad, I love them so much.  Anthony Davis

*Jeff and I to get a place soon, we need it bad because of his leg.  Christine

* Robert, he is still acting up a little bit.  I need your prayers for him and his mother. I need prayer for the family in the house also.  Harry Thornton, Jr.

*Richard – healing to forgive his girlfriend.  For him to get his own place and to continue to be the good true son of God that that is.

*Tracy – severely beaten and abused by boyfriend (now ex).  Six broken facial bones on the right side of her face, concussion, flashbacks, nightmares, jumpy, PTSD, people have threatened her with bodily harm for calling police, he is in jail now.  She lives in fear.  Hearings are the beginning of this week.  She needs prayer to be kept safe, and for healing.  Pray for a safe home of her own. Keep her strong and on your path.  Also, that her ex goes to prison for awhile so that others may e safe too.   Praying that he gets help, wants help, follows through and never hurts another being ever again.  She has forgiven him.  No excuse for abuse.  Thank you.

*The best for everyone.

*My friends and family, my kids and their mothers.  Help me get a job.  For all these people here with me tonight.  Anthony Rohn

*A meeting to establish a hover bike racing league team, skill training and competitive spirit.  Raise money for homeless.  Francis

*Pray for those in authority.

*My mom, she does not believe that Jesus died for us and is lost. Ocofrey

*My husband to have peace in his mind, body and heart.  To be able to be happy and have less stress.  Protect him, please.  I am worried about him.  Amen.  Stacy

*For people in the hospitals and all mental patients.

*My girlfriend and myself.  God bless all of my friends.  Howler

*Help for Memory disorders.

*The best for all.  DK

*The family of John Greco (deceased).  Thank you.

*My health.  Lot of love.