Guest Prayer List 12-6-2018
December 6, 2018
Guest Prayer List 12-20-2018
December 20, 2018
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Guest Prayer List 12-13-2018

Guest Prayer List



I need prayer for:


*Me to get a mattress for my day bed.  Also, to get a job.   Donald Hansen

*My Grandmother is not feeling good and she is really upset about some stuff that is happening.  For my mother who is upset about stuff that has been happening also. Dustin M.

*Raiz and John for salvation and that they can safely survive, good health and successful writing for me.  Salvation for family and friends.  Successful employment for David and Sue.  Peter

*Robert and Lisa Ricker as their marriage is in trouble.  They need prayer to make them strong again because there is plenty of love deep down.  Robert

*Jeff C. he has to go for a scan to see if his cancer is going anywhere else in his body.  Christine & Joe Nye

*Joe N, that he has changed and will never hurt another man, woman or child.

*Robert is doing ok.  He is not arguing with his mother as much. He is getting in everybody’s business.  I thank you for your prayers. For him.  Thank you again.  Harry Thornton

*The families of the victims of the fatal house fires, may they find healing and peace.  Elaine

*Robert and Lisa Ricker are currently separated and need prayer to try to get our marriage and family back for Christmas.  Thank you.  God bless.  Robert Ricker

*I’m thankful for the people and God at the Keystone Mission.  If it was not for them. I would be lost.  Jesus found me and I’m happy for that.  Thank you.   C

*Raiz and John as they are homeless.  Pray for their salvation and they can get through winter alive.  Good health and successful writing for me.  Salvation for my family and friends, recovery and health for Bob, Beatrice and Vivian.  Peter