Guest Prayer List 11-1-2018
November 1, 2018
Guests Prayer List 11-15-2018
November 15, 2018
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Guest Prayer List 11-8-2018

Guest Prayer List

I need prayer for:
*Jane needs prayer for her leukemia that was in remission for a long time but has returned. A “Sis” of mine, give her strength.
*To find a way to create a fund raising to help the mission and the Scranton police to fight the spice epidemic that is destroying minds daily, right before our eyes. Don Hurricaine
*This winter be warm and our bellies full. Our love is pure and strong. Life is good even when it is really not good. Love is a great feeling. Pray for us? Brandi & Koos
*Pray for my fiancé, Mike Yeager, that his knee gets better. Also, for our son, Michael Yeager, as he goes to Japan and for Jacquia.
*MY girl, Tiffanie, her family. Myself and my entire family. The sick and suffering through-out the world. Mike Y
*That I will make the right choices, to follow God’s direction. Tracy Valentine