Guest Prayer List 11-22-2018
November 22, 2018
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December 6, 2018
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Guest Prayer List 11-29-2018

Guest Prayer List



I need prayer for:


*That I make it to the first of the month and that I keep doing the next right thing.  John

*My brother, Frank, my sisters, Molly & Tammy.  Happy Anniversary mom and dad.  John

*An apartment this week, so our kids can come home.  Thank you.  Erylene & Anthony

*Robert and his mother.  Robert is acting like he is great.  Please pray for him.  He talks back to his mother and father. Sometimes he is good.  Harry Thornton

*My girlfriend, Tiffany, to make the right decision this weekend, do wht is right no matter what happens.  John

*Robert and his mother are doing a bit better.  I need your prayers for them, mostly for Robert.  Thank you.  Please do not tell them.  Harry Thornton, Jr.