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January 17, 2019
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February 7, 2019
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Guest Prayer List 1-24-2019

Guest Prayer List


I need prayer for:

*Healing for friends and family.  Chuck-cancer, Lou-diabetes, Roy-cancer and diabetes, Felicia-in wheelchair and Logan-ADHD meds are messed up. Heart problems and unhealthy wright issues, jobs, housing, finances for the poor and homeless.

*I need $30 to replace my picture ID that was stolen.  I need it by tomorrow preferably, since Penndot is closed on Monday.  Please pray I get a job but need the picture ID to accept the position.

*Raiz and John to survive this cold winter and come to know the Lord.  Salvation for my family and friends.  Good health and successful writing for me.  Pray for all the homeless to survive this winter.  Peter

*Me to get a mattress for my daybed.  To get a job for me.  Ronald Hanson.

*God’s mercy during the storm that is about to hit our region.  Salvation for friends and family.  Good health and successful writing for me.  God to get the homeless through this winter.  Peter

*Me to get a job, to get mattress for my day bed and to get better apartment.  Roald Hansen

*Still unemployed and hoping for more cleaning jobs.  I only have one steady day per week.  I could use three or four more cleaning jobs per week.  Really bored and rally broke.  Please pray.

*That I may get to where I need to be some day soon.  John

*Myself, I recently became homeless and am also battling addiction.  Please pray that my life will get better.  Harry.

*Myself, I am looking for employment in my field.  I am asking that you open the appropriate doors for me.  Michael

*Sebastian’s cat who was in Scranton.

*My sister Molly.  That she comes back this year and stays clean.  May he show her the light, a bit of hope that there is still time to change.  John

*My acquaintance, Amanda, that her treatment starts to work soon.  That she gets better and makes a full recovery and heals.  John

*Robert is getting a little better but he and his mother still go at it.  Please keep on praying for him and his mother.  They need prayer.  Please do not tell anyone about it and that I write to you about it.  Harry Thornton Jr.