Guest Prayer List 1-11-2019
January 11, 2019
Guest Prayer List 1-24-2019
January 24, 2019
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Guest Prayer List 1-17-2019

Guest Prayer List



I need prayer for:

*That I would get my job back, so I have the dental problems fixed and still have an income according to God’s will.  Thank you.  Sally

*Need a job.  I have been unemployed since 11-6-2018.

*Raiz and John good health, recovery, safety and salvation.  Good health and successful writing for me.  Salvation for family and friends.  Traveling mercies for everyone and comfort for the lonely.  Peter

*Please pray for my moms, one is battling something major and the other is involved in a custody battle.  Myself for my physical and mental health.

*Edward C Keiber, health.  He is very ill.   Tracy

*Robert is getting a little bit better.  I still need you to pray for him.  Harry Thornton, Jr.

*If it is God’s will, I get my sister, Molly, this year.  Also, that we will be in better places in our lives.  John

*My health, I just found out I have cancer.  For my kids to come home, for my new family so we can control our tempers and keep being there for each other.  For long life with my husband.

*My new family, my daughter, my brother, my sister and pray for me.  Christopher

*For my son, Robert, who is in the streets, with a mental disorder of paranoid schizophrenia and he refused our help to take him to a special doctor.