Where does the figure per meal figure come from?  This is based on national averages.

Why do you mail so often and isn’t it expensive?  We mail to remind people of the important work we are performing.  Sadly, if we didn’t mail so often people would forget to support us.  The poor and homeless depend on us to provide life sustaining services.

What safeguards are in place to prevent financial mismanagement?
We count every gift as sacred (that is, God motivated the heart of the donor to give in the first place and the intent of the gift is meant for godly purposes).  Therefore, we:

  • Have a counting committee.
  • Have all accounting functions overseen by a CPA.
  • Have our finances reviewed by our board on a monthly basis.
  • Have our treasurer (who is not an employee) signs checks.
  • Submit to government requirements for being a 501c3 non-profit.
  • Are affiliated with organizations that do not tolerate financial mismanagement of its members: The Association of Gospel Rescue Missions and Greater Scranton Chamber of Commerce.
  • Our online giving is very safe and secure.

IRS Form 990:

KRMA – 2016 Form 990 (excl Sch. B-L)
2016 covers the Fiscal Year 10/1/16 to 9/30/17

KRMA – 2015 Form 990 (excl Sch. B-L)
2015 covers the Fiscal Year 10/1/15 to 9/30/16

KRMA – 2014 Form 990 (excl Sch. B-L)
2014 covers the Fiscal Year 10/1/14 to 9/30/15

KRMA – 2013 Form 990 (excl Sch. B-L)
2013 covers the Fiscal Year 10/1/13 to 9/30/14

KRMA – 2012 Form 990 (excl Sch. B-L)
2012 covers the Fiscal Year 10/1/12 to 9/30/13