Lois came to the Mission seeking a friend… Brenda, the Mission’s Distribution Manager, befriended Lois and led her to develop a personal relationship with Jesus. Discipleship is an intregal part of our Life Transformation programs at Keystone Mission. Lois is now a full-time volunteer and gives back to others who walk through our doors.

Keystone Mission believe’s a personal relationship with God will bring out real relationship wealth and transformation of life. Volunteers that come into the Mission prepare a lesson to point our guests back to God and who THEY ARE as God’s children. 

Community Agencies & Partners play a crucial role in the relationship wealth of the guests’. Agencies range from career development to health to community service. The relationships will empower and instruct each guest to develop health, stable relationships. 

Life Transformation Begins with Relationships

Keystone Mission Pursue’s Life Transformation in Guests’

Pursuing life transformation is offered to those who want to learn more about God, as revealed through the Bible and the person of Jesus Christ, and to all who desire to explore a life based on hope and love. Keystone Mission “Pursuing Life Transformation Programs” empower and instruct the homeless, hungry, and hurting population of Northeast PA in three areas of recovery: Discipleship, Relapse Prevention, and Life Skills. 

The word “disciple” means one who is a follower, a pupil, a learner or an apprentice. The process of life transformation can only be completed in a community—build relationship wealth.

  • Keystone Mission Pursing Life Transformation Program is for individuals who have: A desire to be empowered and receive instruction in their spiritual, physical, emotional, financial lives.
  • A willingness to admit they need help and pursue life and support outside the Mission.
  • A desire to learn more about God, as revealed in the Bible.
  • A willingness to be accountable to others (other disciples, Mission staff, etc.).
  • A willingness to serve others by performing Mission chores and through other serving opportunities.

Crucial Relationships with Community Members

Elements of the Pursing Life Transformation Program include critical partnerships with Community Agencies and Community Members to build Relationship Wealth:

  • Addiction and substance abuse
  • Compulsive thinking and behaviors
  • Health and wellness
  • Family and relational issues
  • Anger management
  • Financial and personal management
  • Future employment
  • Regular Bible Study and Worship (both group and independent)
  • Establishment of individual goals with the help of Case Management with Relationship Wealth
  • Assistance to help with eliminating employment barriers (lack of ID, diploma, GED, etc.)
  • Daily chores and service around the Keystone Mission and the community.
  • Other Community Involvement

Become a Partnering Agency or Community Partner with Keystone Mission

Agencies and Community Partners play a vital role in empowering and instructing our guests’ to transform their lives. Do you have a service or skill you would like to provide at Keystone Mission? Scranton and Wilkes-Barre facilities are looking to provide more services and skills to our Pursuing Life Transformation programs.

See the Program Calendars for both Scranton and Wilkes-Barre

To partner with our Scranton facility, contact our Scranton Ambassador by phone or e-mail.

To partner with our Wilkes-Barre facility, contact our Wilkes-Barre Ambassafor by phone or e-mail.


Building a Community of HOPE to Transform Lives