Critical Grant Provided by Scranton Foundation


The generosity of the Scranton Area Community Foundation impacted thousands during the covid pandemic.

Scranton, PA — In April of 2020, the Scranton Area Community Foundation provided a grant to the Keystone Mission for the non-profit organization to purchase coolers used to store food for their three times a week food distribution COVID-19 pandemic. The generosity of the Scranton Area Community Foundation allowed the Keystone Mission to serve 4,079 individuals who were in need due to the loss of jobs, loss of income, etc., during the COVID-19 pandemic. This was a time when the community needed to come together.

The brand-new coolers purchased provided enough storage for deliveries from CEO Weinberg Food, surrounding businesses, community agencies, and private individual’s multiple times a week. At the beginning of the pandemic, the Keystone Mission only had one fridge and one freezer, but the critical grant allowed them to purchase an additional fridge and freezer. The CEO of Keystone Mission, Justin Behrens, says, “We are extremely thankful to the Scranton Area Community Foundation for their support to purchase the coolers. The community is thankful for the support of the foundation in our community.” Four thousand seventy-nine individuals received food for themselves and their families because of the Scranton Area Community Foundation.

Kathy Regan, Program Director in front of one of the coolers provided by the generous gift from Scranton Area Community Foundation in April fo 2020.

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