Keystone Mission has two locations: Scranton and Wilkes-Barre. HOPE is found HERE!

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Christmas at the Mission

Scranton Locaton


Christmas Luncheon at the Scranton Location

The Keystone Mission will be hosting a sit-down Christmas meal for guests in Scranton this year. This is an opportunity to give back and allow a man or woman who normally doesn’t have a family or community to sit with during the holiday to know they are loved and cared for. 


HELP OUT THIS YEAR! We are seeking individuals to help provide sliders, pizza, punch, cookies, and more. You may also stay to serve at the luncheon, sit with the guests, play a game, and just listen to their stories. 

Sign-up and see what options are available. 

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contribute a food item or volunteer to serve a meal this Christmas! 

Scranton Christmas

Justin & Guest

You can still give a Christmas meal!

It costs $3.80 to give ONE man or woman a meal at the Keystone Mission. That is equivalent to a medium cup of coffee. Donate financially to provide a meal at Christmas to those in need. This is a chance for those struggling in the local community to have a sit-down meal with volunteers and community members this year. 


$38.00 will cover TEN meals. $380 will cover ONE HUNDRED meals. You can make a difference. Donate today.