April 26, 2017

Guest Prayer Requests Week of 04/27/17

Guest Prayer Requests Week of April 27, 2017   for my life, my safety and my 2 daughters.  Please pray for Ma Kim. for job and a place to stay soon. for my daughters to come home soon and for justice and safety. for family love, protection, peace, joy, happiness and for mother’s love. for people who do not know any better and for 2 people who are fighting AIDS. for my small business plans to finally take off without delays once I have obtained my apartment. for my friend who wants to be my roommate that things work out.  That I can settle my rocky relationship. for my son who is in the hospital for people who have cancer and for all the homeless and their safety. for someone who has stage 4 cancer it has spread and they stopped chemo. for my life and for my daughters, I pray they have a future. for myself.  I am going for an evaluation to see if I can get drug treatment.  I need help to get off my heroin and opiate cravings…please pray I get it. I need to bring my son back home, please pray. for my fiancé to […]
April 20, 2017

Guest Prayer Requests Week of April 20, 2017

Guest Prayer Requests Week of 04/20/17   for a family member to come home and find a house with no problem. for myself, family, and friends. for my life, my kids and finding a place to stay. I need prayer for safely, finding a job, and justice in my life. for peace for everyone to start loving each other. For everyone to start believing and for everyone to give praise. for my mom’s landlord needs help, he has a drug problem. for a job for myself and for my friend. for mommy and poppy. for humanity, that people treat each other better before it is too late. to obtain a room by May 1st. I am not used to living on the street and am doing all I can to get off the street.  Please pray that this happens for me. for forgiveness of my sins, for the world to start loving each other and to stop all the hatred in the world. for a place to sleep before Friday and a job. for safety and strength. for a job, a place to stay and to stop doing the wrong thing. for my dad, my stepdad and myself. for getting […]
April 14, 2017

Guest Prayer Requests – Week of April 13, 2017

Guest PRAYER REQUESTS Week of 04/13/17 for me and my kids please to be understanding and open your hearts to your daughter’s and sister’s wishes for the holidays. for a blessing over each other and our family for me and my fiancée to make sure we get through her pregnancy and she makes it through all right for living day to day with all the people and things I love for my family for the Easter holiday. may we be together happy and filled with joy and times to remember.  Also for my father and brother to find strength to make a change.
April 10, 2017

Guest PRAYER REQUESTS Week of April 6, 2017

Guest PRAYER REQUESTS Week of 04/06/2017  to get a job and to get a mattress for my bed. for my two daughters to come back to me and for me, to recover my stolen property and for me to have a good life. for myself and kids. I am abstinent from drugs but not sober. Myself and kids facing many trial. I need much favor, wisdom, and strength. spiritual guidance and mercy from God. for safety and comfort, stability and sanity. for my kids that we can be together and to have a better life soon. for my friend who is dying of brain cancer for my recovery from alcohol abuse for comfort and support of family
April 10, 2017

Guest PRAYER REQUESTS Week of March 30, 2017

Guest PRAYER REQUESTS Week of 03/30/2017 * for peace, joy, happiness, healing, and for the Lord to always be with me. * for health, healing in the hearts and mind of our family. Love to reign in our hearts forever. * for the right apartment to live in. * for my family and relatives to get peace and love to us and help that’s needed. * for love that’s giving and wealth that we had that’s taken back to its stand, and God who has always been there. * for me to quit buying lottery tickets. * for our health issues and going through difficult times. * to get a job and a day bed mattress and not to miss church no more. * for friends who have cancer. For a friend who needs life change. * to find shelter and to find a job and get back on track with life. * for answered prayer that my son is talking to me again. For less anxiety and for my girlfriend. * to get clean and stop this madness. * for my friend’s bad health and to find Jesus. * for my friend who has stage 4 cancer, that she is […]