June 1, 2017

Guest Prayer Requests June 1, 2017

GUEST PRAYER REQUESTS Week of 06/01/17   – for a healthy birth and a home of our own again, and for the strength to keep pursing forward and acceptance of our present situation. – that my fiancé’s friend makes it through the loss of his home in a fire and that his fiancé has a safe healthy pregnancy – for my SSI hearing – for myself and everyone going through some sort of things and we need lots of prayers. – our children to stop the drugs and heroin today.  Bring God back into our schools. – for the strength to make it through a rough patch. I am exhausted. – for the soldiers who lost their lives for all of us and serving our country. – for housing and health. – for my friend who things he is a gangster. – for everyone to accept Jesus, to love one another and to have peace in their life. – for Ryan who pulled the plug on his life today.  God bless his family and loved ones. – for my friend in need of a liver transplant. – for traveling mercy and for my gram who is driving us. – for […]
May 25, 2017

Guest Prayer Requests Week of May 25, 2017

GUEST PRAYER REQUESTS Week of 05/25/17   for a test that I need for my heart.  Whatever they found in my second test was nothing more than a mistake. for a new phone for housing, health and for people to stop stealing from me. for my friends and family, and warmer weather to lift their spirits and protect and provide essentials to live right for everyone from the start before creation – there is love with every spirit for my friends that they get their life together. for a friend who is in the hospital in a coma.  Pray she makes it out. for everyone just to get along and be civil to each other. for help to have strength for my brother, he is trying to get his baby girl back. for believers and that all are healed and protected for people to realize that Jesus died for us.  That we need prayer for peace and forgiveness pf sins. for myself and my family through the good and hard times my friends that i am close to.  I am still a suffering addict, I need strength and courage to make changes.
May 19, 2017

Guest Prayer Requests 05/18/2017

GUEST PRAYER REQUESTS Week of May 18, 2017     for a hearing, for favor, victory, tear down enemies.  Pray the public defender does his job well. to keep me safe from harm that I get the other job needed for better emergency homeless assistance that my daughter may find the strength to overcome and be truly free for my mother, who is going to lose her liver for my roommate and I Not to ask for anything, just to say thank you Lord for my safety for my friend who has MS and is about to lose both of his legs for my friend who is mad that he has to work.   Please pray he finds work ethic and stops being a thug for my 2 friends who are in really bad shape.  One is a mother in a coma and the sister lost her legs. for me for my anger. for me. I miss a friend who is at home with God for friends and family of Teresa M., who died in April.
May 12, 2017

Guest Prayer Requests 05/11/17

PRAYER REQUESTS Week of May 11, 2017 that we will get through the journey we call life. Protest us and all our family and friends and all those who don’t know the Lord to get a chance to know. for housing. for cash assistance to help me get a ticket to Florida to see my son. for temporary homeless shelter assistance and some type of long term housing for my friend to be safe and well through surgery. May the Lord be with us and keep us safe during our time of need for my relationship with my boyfriend. We are trying to work things out.  I do not know what to say or what I want in this relationship. for myself to love and trust everyone. Please pray that Jesus shows me my purpose in life for peace, love, and joy for the world. To love Jesus for hope to get a job plus a place of my own for a fresh start for my family. May all our hard work have purpose.  I am still a suffering addict trying to find courage. that Jerry S. mind will be stronger. Also, pray for his feet and legs.
May 4, 2017

Guest Prayer Requests 05/04/2017

GUEST PRAYER REQUESTS Week of May 4, 2017     for my son, Thomas. for a job and a place to stay for my family and for me.  I need to get off drugs and get my life together for my sick Aunt Kathy and that my mom’s car gets fixed for me. I am at the point where I am convinced I may not obtain an apartment for me and my roommate.  I really need this to happen and please pray as hard as possible. for a job please, and also a place for Collin, he is lost and confused and needs the guiding light of Christ for those who are sick, addicted and homeless, for those who don’t know Christ for them to believe for saving of evil vindictive people who blame me for things I have not done.  Forgiveness for them. for me and Pam’s engagement party for a stable place to live and for court to go well. for guidance and good health, help along the way.  Family and friends. for James who has very poor health. for John M., whose love, Stella passed away 5 months ago to return to quiet time with my 1st […]