July 6, 2017

Guest Prayer Requests Week of July 6, 2017

GUEST PRAYER REQUESTS Week of 07/06/17   – for Greg – needs prayer and meds. For my wife and kids too. – for the world to become a happier, better place.  I don’t have much but for some reason I feel like the world needs more prayers.  For my children to be safe and warm at night. – for the mission team from Fellowship Church. – for a girl named Molly who has terminal cancer and an unspoken prayer for Larry. – for my family, mother Bettie, Brothers, sisters that God will heal and mean the broken hearts and bring us together as a family.  That I may grow stronger in Christ. – for Michelle to get well soon. – that I get a job and work and get paid.
June 29, 2017

Guest Prayer Requests week of June 29, 2017

Guest Prayer Requests Week of 06/29/17     for my ability to make good decisions, my family, and my stressful but loving relationship with my other half. for my friend to accept the truth. for love. for me and my wife, homeless and her mother, she is dying. for peace, love, joy for people to realize what my savior did for us.  I pray for my family and for those who haven’t turned to Christ to find Him, to love Him. to keep everyone safe, sheltered and fed, free from harm. for everyone to find the peace and joy that Jesus gives us all. for Tatiana who is contemplating an abortion. for Opal who fell and broke her wrist in 7 spots. Jean who had an operation on 6/28 for Sarah who is having an operation on Monday for Larry’s test for me – I need a job, I got hired but they changed their mind.  I hate myself when I am broke. for my wedding in a financial and wonderful way. for Drew and the trials and tribulations he goes through may God give him the strength to prevail. that I get two jobs and my life gets better. […]
June 22, 2017

Guest Prayer Requests Week of June 22,2017

GUEST PRAYER REQUESTS Week of 06/22/17     for my friend who broke up with her boyfriend and she is afraid she will run into him in the building where she lives. for me – my friend was killed. to get a mattress for my daybed and to find a job. for my wife’s gallbladder operation on July 3rd. Dear Lord, please find a job for my friend. for forgiveness of my sins, for peace and happiness.  Also for all those who are homeless or in jail. for the old DA’s family that he will go to heaven soon peacefully. for the US navy and missing sailors. for my friend to stop drinking. for people everywhere to help each other. to find a job. for myself and close friends.  May the good Lord guide us to happiness. for the families and friends of all the fallen soldiers, and for people who really are in need of money. for my 4-month old son who has a heart issue. for me – today is the one year anniversary of my mother’s death.  Please pray. for a “friend of the Mission,” Peter, who had a kidney removed and would like strength to be […]
June 14, 2017

Prayer Request Week of June 15, 2017

GUEST PRAYER REQUESTS Week of 06/15/17     for my family and kids for my family, mother’s brother and sisters,  I need prayer in finding a job and growing stronger in the Lord. for all the homeless in the 90 degree heat and being outside. for myself and my son in a foster home that he can return home soon. for myself with guidance and patience.  To keep a positive attitude and fend off negative behaviors. for God please stop the drugs and violence. for my friend who passed away yesterday. I pray he is with the Lord. for salvation for my daughter and future husband who live in Florida. that I get my dog back for my friend who had a disability due to MS. I also give praise for answered prayer, I have a job interview. I have angry feelings at God for taking my daughter’s life.
June 8, 2017

Guest Prayer Requests Week of June 8, 2017

GUEST PRAYER REQUESTS Week of 06/08/17   – for my friends and family at home and here at the mission.  May the warm weather lift our spirits and bring us all joy. – for everyone addicted to start being accountable for their own actions.  For everyone to stop trying to save the world. Leave it to Jesus to fix. – for my wife’s folks through this time of sickness they are experiencing…may their health return strong. – for the workers and volunteers at the mission. – to keep learning and trusting God.  Also, to keep my family safe. – for a friend, she is having a few problems.  She has cancer. – for finding gratitude, peace, and love.  I am going backward instead of going forward. – for a friend who has a bad liver and needs a transplant. – for all the love, goodness, peace, and protection of our children. – for my friend who is extremely sick and in the hospital. – for me.  I need help to climb out of debt and save some money. – for friends and family and for their salvation. – for me to get a job and a mattress and daybed.  I […]