January 11, 2018

Guest Prayer Requests 01/11/18

Guest Prayer Requests 01/11/18 for me and my kids for Ron, Biran, Joe, Stanley for Champi – grieving over the loss of his Stella for my daughter, Emily to find my wallet I lost with a little money and my food stamp card in it. for me so God will bless me and bring peace and tranquility for all of our guests suffering from the flu
January 5, 2018

Guest Prayer Requests 01/05/18

Guest Prayer Requests 01/05/18 from one guest:  “my prayers have been temporarily answered – thank You Jesus.” for the family of Brian K., whose father passed away this year at the age of 92. for warmth and being inside. for life, love, and truth. for happiness. for Ian C. to make his way to church, and to find a place to live.
December 28, 2017

Guest Prayer Requests 12/28/17

Guest Prayer Requests 12/28/17 for Lisa G. – please watch over her and help her health to improve and to give her strength everyday to get up and get better.  She has cirrhosis of the liver and diabetes. for myself because I have depression and I hear voices in my head.  I want to be healed from the monster’s voice in my head in my head and from the depression. for healing and housing and a job. for my friends and family and myself.  God already knows what we want because He gave us life.  I want to thank Him for life in every way possible.  I need Him to guide me wherever He wants me to do or go. for all the homeless people who have nowhere to go on Christmas.  May God always watch over and protect them in the cold winter weather. for Ethel K.  I need to better myself.  More energy to finish school and a better place to live with my finances which are high because of my college. for those who are in need of shelter and basic necessities this holiday season. for all addicts still fighting for sobriety and for the sober ones […]
December 21, 2017

Guest Prayer Requests 12/21/17

Guest Prayer Requests 12/21/17 for me so that this Christmas has a peace in my life and my heart for me that God would aid me in my life and allow me to get some sleep for my friend, Treversa.  She’s going through some financial troubles and I don’t want to see her become homeless for me to get fully into your program in Wilkes-Barre for all the people in the world and for the guys in the LCP for Linda S. to get a bus ticket home to North Carolina to be with family for the holidays. for my son Chris to find God and come home – and to get some sleep at night. for me and my kids for the Christmas day.  I wish my life good.  Please pray.
December 13, 2017

Guest Prayer Requests 12/13/17

Guest Prayer Requests 12.13.17 for a job and stuff for my home, and food and clothes, gift for my grand kids for Christmas – anything can help. (Lena) for myself to find a job and for my family in need of this holiday season to be blessed.  for my sister Carol K. – she is having some problems with her health and her foot. for Stacie to help me find a home for me and my son. for everybody who is homeless and struggles to stay warm at night. Pray that the homeless find warmth and peace through the holiday season. for my gambling problem with lottery tickets – and for pneumonia from smoking. for the families of Katie G., and Barbara V. (both deceased) for me so that this year my life will be better and I will not have to spend more time and I will not have to sleep in the streets with this cold. I thank God and Keystone for their friendship and for their on going help for me, thanks for everything. I thank you all for praying for me that I need God to be in my life forever. for me.  Merry Christmas and […]