March 22, 2018

Guest Prayer Requests 03/22/18

GUEST PRAYER REQUESTS 03.22.18 *for Smokey the cat I rescued.  I took him with me to a trailer park in Tunkhannock. He was put outside because he was bad.  He is 10 years old.  I pray he will survive the winter.  I hope he remembers me when I go back and call his name.  It seems small, but it hurts me.  S *for family and friends.  N *for my son Tymeek, come back home please.  F *for Thomas D., finger, wrist and hand. G *for my kids, my life and my husband.  Pray for true happiness.  A & D *for the safety of my kids and family and that the Keystone Mission considers staying open a little longer until the weather gets warmer.  I’m so scared of having no where to go in the freezing cold as well as the many other homeless people who stay here.  I pray for the staff here.  D *for a house out of the cold, unemployment, SSI.  J *for myself, that I stay strong during April, my big brother passed away, 4-17-17.  For my new engagement, may it last for many years.  May we stay full of love.  S *for guidance, please, and for […]
March 15, 2018

Guest Prayer Requests 03/15/18

Guest Prayer Requests 03/15/18 *for Linda get better from being sick and the health issues she has.  L S *to heal Shelly from her heart issue.  Help me to get hired and to pass my inspection this week. R H *for my health, fiancé, my kids and grandparents and for my stepson in California in the Marine Corps.  God is good all the time. TM *for my health, my fiancé, my kids and all related families. M *for Andrew, Sondra, Danie, Edie, Patrick and my self to find the way back. P *for my family who has completely filled my heart, for Matt & Tiff. Thank you. P *for Anna Grace Falco that everything goes great through her pregnancy and that she will be a great mother  that she will have a beautiful baby. *for my health and to lose the weight and quit smoking.  For God to continue protecting my children and for me to find a home.  D *that God gives me the best life with my future wife.  Keep my grandkids safe with their grandma and take care of my daughter and her family. I love you God. L *for Tom H. for being a great friend […]
March 9, 2018

Guest Prayer Requests 03/09/18

Prayer List 3/9/2018   *for all the difficult situations and experiences to make decisive decisions and confidential arrangements about getting the job done in office.  Getting a separation between games and real life.  America sees me as a real man when dealing with people and my personal and private life. *for Erika needs Jesus in her life – give her strength through the stress she is going through.  Erika. *for James R. just wanted to be kind to everyone. James *for Mary Ann who had a heart attack, pray for her total and complete healing.  My brother, Kevin also has lung cancer, please pray for his daughter, Cloie, 8 yrs old, who thinks the world of him.   Mike *for Robert P. family, he passed away.  Charles *for the families of Frank Winger and Ian Herzog.  Both are deceased. *for my family.  Harry * for Chulia, Tiffanie, Michael, Michael Jr, Jacquia, Kelly, Erin and all related family members,  The president of the U.S.A., Flyers, 76ers, Eagles and Phillies.  Mike *for Grandpa’s family – he had nothing but love for me, never forget you.  Charles *for my quest of getting a job, then an apartment and finally in the process of going […]
March 1, 2018

Guest Prayer Requests 03/01/18

Guest Prayer Requests 03/01/18 for Ginger that has stage 4 cancer. Eddie for my uncle Jim is in the hospital with a bowel obstruction. C.J.S for Mike & my kids (5), my grandparents and my father. Also pray for my salvation that I become who God wants me to be. Tiffanie for peace of mind and clarity. Joshua for his summer working out. Sebastian for Mike, Jr. Tiffanie, Jacquin and all there related families. Mike for all who have strayed from the path God wants them to follow. Those who struggle with addiction, who have hit hard times, homeless and those who have lost hope. Let Jesus speak to their heart giving them strength and hope. Joe for Harry’s family. Harry for my grandmother that has cancer of the brain, lung and bone. She has only 3 weeks to 6 months to live. Michelle for my grandmother who is not doing well. We just got told she has 3 weeks to 6 months to live. She has brain, lung and bone cancer. Judith for everybody to come to know the Lord Jesus I love you God. Floyd for everyone who makes it through those hard days. God will always protect […]
February 22, 2018

Guest Prayer Requests 02/22/18

GUEST PRAYER REQUESTS 02/22/18 for my lady first and me.  All the homeless people of the world that have no where to go or anything to eat and to watch out for me and my lady always so we could have the best life possible.  John for the safety of my kids and family, that everything will work out perfect for tomorrow. That God will give me the energy to walk to where I need to go tomorrow.  I also, pray for all the homeless for their safety and to find a warm place for them.   Diana for my health.  Also, I am in a relationship and want prayer for both of us to be loving, caring of each other and respectful.  Pray for my kids, Jacquia, Michael, Brittney, Kayla, Nathanial.  Tiffonie for Michael, Tiffania, Michael Jr., Kelly, Erin, Jacquia, Michael, Brittnay, Kayla, Nathanial, my dad, Franklin, Brothers and sisters. Mike for Robert to get out of jail, because his wife put him in.  Harry for healing for my twin grandchildren age 2, they are sick.  A. J.’s kids who are in the hospital with the flu.  Pray that my son’s hearing will go well, and calmness form now till […]