November 8, 2018

Guest Prayer List 11-8-2018

Guest Prayer List 11-8-2018 I need prayer for: *Jane needs prayer for her leukemia that was in remission for a long time but has returned. A “Sis” of mine, give her strength. *To find a way to create a fund raising to help the mission and the Scranton police to fight the spice epidemic that is destroying minds daily, right before our eyes. Don Hurricaine *This winter be warm and our bellies full. Our love is pure and strong. Life is good even when it is really not good. Love is a great feeling. Pray for us? Brandi & Koos *Pray for my fiancé, Mike Yeager, that his knee gets better. Also, for our son, Michael Yeager, as he goes to Japan and for Jacquia. *MY girl, Tiffanie, her family. Myself and my entire family. The sick and suffering through-out the world. Mike Y *That I will make the right choices, to follow God’s direction. Tracy Valentine
November 1, 2018

Guest Prayer List 11-1-2018

Guest Prayer List 11-1-2018   I need prayer for:   *That God move and answer different kinds of prayers.  The ultimate kind of prayers.  A new mercy, the best kind of prayer.  Welcome me into his kingdom.  John *My family/ Friends and church folks.  Pastor Molly Lanier *My sister Halona is in the ICU in a coma. *Me to become stronger and get my girlfriend a place soon. *All those with addiction issues especially those plagued by the spice epidemic.  May the Lord find and a way to fight the Spice monster – perhaps ban the wraps in this town and offer some treatment program to help them recover.  Traverson *Joshua Amigon is going for a bone marrow transplant. *Patience and to stop swearing and do better by others.  Don *To grow stronger in ways, to become a better man and find a place to cll home before the first snow.  John *Kathy Connor has a broken hip, needs prayer for guidance.  Barbara Brady needs prayer for her leg.  Pray for happier days.  Christina Dietrick. *Harry and Robert Morrow, my mother and father.  Thank you for your prayers for us.  Harry Thornton, Jr. *Bernieis in recovery now and needs to […]
October 25, 2018

Guest Prayer List 10-25-2018

Guest Prayer List 10-25-2018   I need prayer for:   *My Mom.  That she will stay down south for my sisters.  To feel a little bit better, got real sick last night.  Still not 100 % yet.  John *Anyone struggling with emotionally painful situations. *Robert, because he still talks back to his mother and some time he will go to church. *My grandmother with stage four cancer to heal and for her pain to ease.  Cait *Pain relief. *Christine, dad and Danny. *My self and others.  God is great.  He gives everything to us, so we have to pray to God everyday and night.  Lax *Me to find or know my purpose here and then for God to give me the tools I need to achieve my purpose. *My wife who is in constant pain.  Paul *My wife to get better from a recent car accident from another car.  To get a job on Monday, also get mattress for day bed. Ronald *For Tom Drew’s family he passed away on Thursday.  Rob-Joe *We need prayer.  Rachel, Roland and Sara Knowles. *The smooth and easy moving of my family to the beautiful house up the block, that the roof does not […]
October 11, 2018

Guest Prayer List 10-11-2018

Guest Prayer List 10-11-2018   I need prayer for:   *The family we go to church with every Sunday and my mother, father and son, Robert.  Pray for my stomach.  Harry Thornton. *My family and kids.  That be good. *Robert and his sister.  His sister needs prayer the most.  Robert is getting a little better. Pray for their mother because she is getting a little bit worse.  Please do not tell them.  Harry Felicia and family.  Praise God. *My Lord I need you more than ever, don’t abandon me now! *I pray to God daily. *My baby to be born healthy and that it goes to full term.  Thank you, God for everything.  Amen *A better future, stable and fruitful for all of humanity.  Marvin Thomas *My ministeries to grow.  Pastor Molly Lanier *My son and family.  He is not speaking and the doctor finds he has autism.  I also, need prayer for me.  FM *Me getting a jo so I can start getting my life back and be happy with my girl.  William Campbell * God help me grow and walk closer to you in these trying times.  I miss my sister.  Please give her a second chance.  Show […]
October 4, 2018

Guest Prayer List 10-4-2018

Guest Prayer List 10-4-2018 I need Prayer for:   *Kellie was found in the woods and is now on life support.  Pease pray for that family.  Stephanie *Please pray for the family of Sarah McFadden who died on Saturday 9/22/18. *Pray for my health of my body.  Lidia *My health and my body.   Maria *Pray for health and work in my family.  Thank you for our support as a family. *Myself, that I make good choices, heal well after surgery and find my way into the Lord’s arms.  Please help me with my addiction issues and mental health.  I pray for my children and husband, Mark.  Tosh *Mark McQuilkin.  He is really depressed.  I pray for strength, wisdom, comfort, that Jesus loves him, that he knows Jesus is amazing, that I love him.  He is my husband.  Tosh *My daughter who is addicted and in recovery.  Brandy *For my daughters, they are sick with ear infections.  Please, I need them to be safe and cared for.  Ricky Evans *Tosha Lynn, for strength, wisdom, guidance, love, forgiveness.  Pray for understanding to forgive herself, open her heart to the Lord that she be set free, for her broken heart, that if the […]