A Note on Memorial Day


My Friends, 

As I think about Memorial Day, I think about my service to this country. I served in Iraq, fighting for freedom. I fought alongside my brothers and sisters, making sure that the liberties we have in this country will last for our children.

I was just recently placing flags at cemetery sites, like I do every Memorial Day, on the veterans who passed away. My kids help me do this, and I shared stories with them about my military experience, and we read the plaques of each grave and give respect. My youngest asked me if there were veterans that are homeless that day. I looked at him and told him, yes.  

Homeless veterans are all across this nation. They served this country with pride, and when they returned, not one had the relationships I had to get me back on track.

Here at Keystone Mission, we celebrate Memorial Day to those veterans that have passed away and served our nation with pride. Even though this is one day of the year at Keystone Mission, we aim to help every homeless veteran in our community. Our desire is to build a relationship with them and walk that journey to achieve long-term sustainability and independence. So I ask you to take a small part of your day today, to remember and pray for the fallen, remember the ones who served and pray for the homeless veterans just looking to find the way they lost.

Thank you and my God bless you, your family, and the United States of America. 

Justin V. Behrens, LSW
CEO & Executive Director

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